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  1. I never realized being humble is horrible thing. Its actually alot harder to not go after the publicity when you can if you wanted it.
  2. It does seem to be a very small operation. However, I do believe that they are supporting (or wanting to support) state legalization of online poker. This is something that the ppa has been very inefficient in doing. Yes a federal bill would be great however, I don't think that has any chance in the near future. Specifically, the state of new jersey has legislation tabled for a vote on May 31 which if passed would be a milestone for future regulation in my opinion. I don't think the ppa are lobbying very hard for a positive outcome for this state bill, this is concluded from threads on 2+2. I
  3. Here is a radio segment about Robert Fellner. Its a good piece if you have time. Starts at 25:44 about his background and talks about GCOOP at 34:00.http://www.fifthstreetradio.com/engine/ins...mp;Filter=Shows
  4. I didn't ask you to fill out any contact info. I have over 600 posts on 2+2 but every time I try to discuss this topic it gets deleted by the ppa mod so I simply wanted to discuss the merits of a new group starting that has different goals than the ppa.
  5. Hi I'm a new member here. I was wanting to discuss this new online poker coalition formed to represent only online poker players and there interests. They seem to be very interested in hiring a lobbying firm for state legislation. Here is the link http://gcopp.org/
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