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  1. Yes, I totally agree with that!
  2. Congrats on your lucky run!Now don't do it again!
  3. sorry to start this and then disappear... crazy couple of weeks here...I'm ready for tomorrow!!!Also glad the structure has been modified to be a little more sensible...I'm playing tomorrow (Friday)... I'll be wearing my FCP gear, so come on up and introduce yourself if you see me! Good luck, let's get an FCP person at the FT!!!
  4. mmm....cookies... I LOVE cookies!!!
  5. good story and write up.. I expect to see one per month...that is all...
  6. at least he's going to be a good ambassador for the game!
  7. I know I'm wait late on this, but been away from the forums for a bit...I'd play the $50, but since it's full, can I get on the alternate list?Thanks!
  8. Here's the ones involved : http://www.wptlawsuit.com/
  9. geesh... this thing is going to get ugly...
  10. I enjoy DN's written work in the mags, but the video blog is definitely worth keeping around... especially during big events....
  11. DN loves pottery!!!So pack some up and send it to him!!!
  12. my .02...I can see both sides of this...on the one hand, there's nothing about the Protege contest that is biased towards men... a woman has an equal chance with any man... however, given the sheer number of men that will play versus women, it's unlikely that a woman will be able to win (just like the pros versus amateurs in the ME)...now, if DN wanted to do something to promote women in poker, then I think a 'femme fatale' protege contest would be a great idea!!! and I wouldn't be surprised to see him do something like this in the future.. DN's always been a leader in promoting poker and havi
  13. I'm way late on the draw with this, but I'm 100% with you Ben...
  14. it would be nice if the network would fix the tournies so they work with PT...maybe someday!!
  15. LOL... nice one Ben!I'm going to try to remember that one... the next crappy waitress I get will have that little ditty written on the tab!
  16. Strippers are definitely -EV....but it's one of the better ways to go broke!
  17. I'm in Hickory Creek (just south of Denton). Yeah, the blind structure is pretty bad...I'm hoping they'll change it, but not holding my breath!I've not heard of that Red River game Ben... I'll have to try that one out at our next dealer's choice night....
  18. I agree with the others... you push in and take your chances...only exception is if its something like the Golf Tourney's where get something just for getting to the final table.. then I might just try to squeak in (if the prize was that important to me)...
  19. was there a point to this thread? things get derailed so quickly these days...
  20. Hellmuth's a legend in his own mind!!!!
  21. I won a single table satellite into the Red River Roundup being held at the Winstar Casino (http://www.winstarcasinos.com) in Oklahoma, August 25-27. David Williams and Greg Raymer (and last year's winner) will be in attendance (with $5k bounties on their heads).Poker Gods, please give me a shot at Raymer!!! It's an $1100 buy-in and they are currently saying it's capped at 504 people, but I got the impression they may expand it. It's not a great structure, but since it's only 45 minutes from my house and I'm on a complete free-roll now, I'm not going to complain! :)I'm playing on Friday the 2
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