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  1. most post count means im a lurker - my join date means im a charter member. My post here means im a tool.
  2. I havent posted here in forever - whats UP
  3. Hey DN - Can you please add Andy Beal to your list of players? I think that would be an interesting Q/A, that is - if you yourself knew anything about him or the high stakes matches back then.Question about Ivey - I read somewhere on here that you had forced him into rehab. True?
  4. - 3 time state chess champion by the age of 18.- Have played and beaten Garry Kasparov in blitz match.- Have a very rare disease called E.P.P (Im allergic to Ultra Violet rays - thus the sun)- Have been the case study for said disease, and placed on stage for thousands of doctors to examine my condition.- Have had Jimmy Hoffa Jr in my house for dinner.- 1 time CPL Counterstrike 1.5 champion.- 1 time WCG Counterstrike 1.6 Champion (Korea)- 4 time PTQ Magic the Gathering champion.- Has a degenaritive liver condition from said disease above, will die soon.- Loves and Hates poker.- Future winner o
  5. Gotta hand it to you Obey.POTY.I admire you sir. :icon_clap:P.S - Clearly you have some stories about the drama , bs that takes place at the higher limits...DO TELL.
  6. Ty for all the comments. I think I had made up my mind on a route to take.The credit loss from foreclosure is just too big of a negative.Also - I would be taking the easy way out.and possibly getting in the same boat with this new home. So here's what I'm gonna do.I will stop making payments anf force them to enter a loan mod with me. If a mod happens, then I can sell responsibly, and purchase responsibly.If they won't renegotiate a contract with me, I will then repay the missed payments , and deal with the dings on my credit (still not as bad as a foreclosure) and find some other alternative
  7. In real-estate , nothing relative. That's why small communities and some cities are called bubbles. It's because while some lose value , some dont. Why? Location location location. Which is where we would be picking.
  8. Here's the thing. I fully understand that I purchased this house to be a home, and an investment. I bought it when I was 25 years old. That might be considered pretty young to buy a house - to others maybe not. With that said, I didnt do my homework on interest rates and loans. At the closing table, I was forcefed a 6 inch stack of papers to either initial or sign , and if I asked questions it seemed as it I was being a major annoyance....Plus I got into this house with 0 money down and actually received a 2500 check at closing because I made the sellers pay commision and fee's. So for the la
  9. My current home I bought in 2006 for 236,000.00.I got an adjustable rate mortgage (arm)When I first bought it my total payments were 1550.00 and 270.00 (the second mortgage)This house is only 1800 sqft.Since july 2008 - my rates increased from 7 percent to 9 percent on my first loan , and 8 to 10 percent.I am now paying more than 2200 a month for a small house. I just had it re-appraised. Its only worth 211,000.00 now. I am engaged but haven't filed joint taxes. She was approved for a 30 year fixed loan at 4.8 percent on a 320,000.00 loan.If we stop making house payments, we can save over 18 t
  10. Bump - Now we get to see if you can actually do it! GO DN.
  11. Im just wicked confused - I was under the impression , per your posts that you were for the DEM ticket, and not for Rep ticket . Sorry If I'm too intrusive with this post - but that banner is sorta irritating.P.S - thank you for the autographed picture , it was a great birthday gift and hanging in my newly finished poker room.
  12. No big cashes yet, but I came close at this years 1500 limit. Life is the same. Looking back at this thread, what a****ing waste of money it would have been. Btw where is Brett GANK jungblutt nowadays. hah. Mace , im sitting with you in the neg-o right now. Im jimmyacesup.
  13. 3 years later , no tutor. The only real offers I received , were a phone call from Dutch boyd, but when I talked to him he seemed really drunk or really high. Gavin griffin got in contact with me as well , nothing ever came about. I shoulda went with gavin.
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