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  1. cue Tom Green "undercutters pizza" - I'll do it for $400 and throw in punch and pie!!!!srsly though, seems like a fair deal and trust me when I say, that these things are usually at their best in the beginning and when nnb realizes the work involved, he'll probably charge more next time. lolsrsly srsly though, punch and pie. pm for details.free hat.
  2. Ok, fine, he didn't HAVE to, but if you knew the person I was talking about, it definitely wasn't motivated by greed. It's just a natural reaction to being overwhelmed by clients. Instead of "choosing" which clients you work with, you let them "choose" for you and get paid while doing it. It's not like there is an emotional attachment between coach and client. These weren't friends. Friends, he'd coach for free, the same as any of us here would likely help our friends out.
  3. NNB never tried to hard sell you guys. He's just seeing how money can be made on the side while sharing some of what he has learned. If anything, that makes it more real and less flash.In my lifetime, I have paid over $100/hour for Razz coaching and heads up no limit coaching. It was some of the best money I ever spent on training. I have good friends who have paid for coaching and benefited immensely, perhaps even making the difference. Sometimes, you never know how you'll go from point A to point B in poker. We all have gaps in our game and while they often can be filled with practice and ex
  4. Truthfully, this one didn't bother me that much either. That could be because there are many, many, many, worse ones of his. Still, I only read them when you people post them here...why does that happen again? Does Phil go around and create forum accounts that link to his blog?
  5. If you want to be the best tournament hold'em player in the world, you can't waste time learning how to write or spell. You need to drop out of college, turn pro, make millions, and be the best damn "poker" famous person in the world. After all, "poker" famous is ahead of "rodeo" famous and only just behind "infomercial" famous.
  6. Well, you know what they say. You smell what you eat...so oh...
  7. meh, cliff notes would be easy enough.I have too much time sometimesI ramblePoker is easyPoker is hardThere's more to life than pokerI rambleI'm better than youNobody cares
  8. cliff notes? Who owns your bankroll soul?Being out of action sucks, but is there a lesson to be taught to other players here? Just curious what your thoughts are, or if I just got leveled.
  9. God's will be done. Prayers. Courage. Love. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.Isaiah 41:10God be with you and your mom, Daniel. Lean on family, friends, and strangers. You may be surprised where God chooses to work strength and courage in your life during these times.
  10. Sorry of all the posts, this one made me lol.I've never heard a high school biology teacher called a sugar momma before. Yeah, baby, I'm set for life!!!!And I know you don't know everything about me, but I am also going to be teaching (a normal job, gasp!). Secretly, I want to create a generation of slackers who know how to succeed. Step 1. Teach. Step 2. Corrupt minds. Step 3. ?????? Step 4. Profit. PS- Potsie, you can edit my posts anytime. I write them at 3am usually. Of course I know what you mean about real satisfaction. To some extent, by my career change, I'm clearly one of those people
  11. The Slackers Guide to PokerIs this article for the next superstar of poker? No. Not at all. If you're aspiring to be the next Ivey, Hellmuth, or Negreanu, you need not waste your time. Go spend more time reading, more time playing, and more time working, because this isn't going to help you become the next big thing in poker. if you're looking for flash and bling, and more importantly, if you NEED things to make you happy, you can stop reading here. This isn't for 'ballas', wannabe 'ballas, fake degens, or the materialistic. 'If you, however, enjoy poker, making money at poker, and want to lea
  12. I don't know about you, but I see two solid SHIP IT's right there. Results oriented thinking FTW!
  13. I am like 75% leaning towards depositing and playing both the FTOPS and Million + Warm-up events. Too juicy to pass up methinks. Now I regret doing the big cashouts before the wedding.
  14. I woulidn't let me or any player leaving the game discourage you. Being honest, if I had made millions or had a huge score, I probably would have a very hard time quitting, but I would still try to make sure I'm pursuing my other interests. The fact is, a few hundred thousand is just not enough to live off of for life and the pressure of having to constantly win money in a game that is sometimes incredibly boring and incredibly volatile to make up for a lack of pension, leaves the pursuit somewhat hollow. Repetitive behaviors, always taking, in what amounts to a relatively worthless grind (spe
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