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  1. yea so hungover troday been on like a week bender but well worth it cant wait till towmorrow to the hockey game start another week of partying
  2. this is unreal down here been partying hard for a week now off to another free coincert right now loving Vancouver right now wow streets are alkl packed to capacity every night people partying
  3. yea that sucked but they got it working was unreal to see wayne gretzky drive by downtown everyone so excited good night
  4. supposed to RAin hard next few days here but they have been trucking in snow from another mountain far away so should be enoughstrange never seen the montains without snow this time of the year
  5. weee going to canada USA and lots other free events around should be fun couple weeks down here
  6. anyone going to any events??got tickets to the Canada usa game weee
  7. random question How much do you tip the dealers if you win 2.2 mill??
  8. sigh will be at work all day gl man tid
  9. lol got another 4 k solid gl man tid now for the 147 k pay day
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