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  1. Fluffdog is my pick in the "FCP Group" anyways this should be fun and I'm in!
  2. I'm in for the pokers most likely...gunna be there May 29th-2nd
  3. max buyin at 5/10 is $2500 and the max bet is $500 so not 8 buyins but still a very good day :icon_dance:oh and will anyone be at CAZ today/tonight? I am thinking about going for my first time since I am now living in the wonderful state of AZ!!!
  4. what stakes were you playing today? nice day btw!
  5. Leaving in less than 12 hours!!!!WEEEEEE!!!!!
  6. Best story I've read in a long time...not saying much cus I don't read stories very often!!!
  7. GFY SIR!!! I agree with you Fluff OBV!!!
  8. I like showing it there lol...how bad did this guy tilt after that hand?
  9. LOL FUNNIEST video I've seen in a long time!!!!
  10. what are the prices like for sapphire and rhino...cover charge, lapdances, drinks, etc.
  11. This sounds pretty sweet! How many rounds do you get to shoot?
  12. Fluff and I already made plans to check this out lol!!!
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