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  1. My prayers are with you. Stay strong.
  2. Thanks guys. Yea it's not really a "poker" blog, so I tried to make it really easy to understand the poker part of it. This was just one post where I used poker to explain something I had been kicking around in my head. When you say "static", what exactly do you mean? Thanks again. Keep the criticism coming, it's what I need.
  3. I recently started a blog, and I desperately need some honest outside critique. This post is poker related, so I figured it would fit. Having my family and friends tell me it's good doesn't help me. Hope you find this interesting.Fear and PokerThere really isn't any other game like poker. It's an adventure in statistics, psychology, game theory, investments (risk vs. reward), human nature, analysis and synthesis of patterns, courage, and fear. The last topic is interesting. Everyone, to some degree, deals with fear. At the poker table, true emotions are amplified, and fear can become a majo
  4. Without making a judgement preflop (folding or shoving but have merits), there is no way you can fold in good faith on the flop after your call.You´re getting better than 5-1, which means you only have to win this 17% of the time for a call to be correct. Even if he has AA or KK, you are going to hit your third queen about 8% of the time. So you need to be about 90% sure that he has AA or KK.At those limits, I don´t think you can make that type of conclusion.
  6. Very tough spot, but this is not an easy fold. Other two pair combos, even a flush draw with a pair is possible now. I think a set is much more likely than a straight here, since a straight wouldn't want to push you out but a set could want to protect his hand when the 2nd club and straight card hit (the same logic applies to 2 pair). I hate it but probably call.
  7. Still having daddy issues?
  8. Dear Chrozzo,I was at a party last night and shot many 151 depth charges. My pong partner wanted to play another game with me and was trying to convince me to play. If I played, I knew I would be sick all night and I had work at 630 AM that morning (this was about 2 AM). If I didn't play, I would be ridiculed, called a *****, and more importantly would have broken the number one rule of pong; you keep playing until you lose. What's my move?Respectfully,darkrider88
  9. Before I would even start thinking about the situation, I would puke under the table because this is a sick spot to be in. From the TAG player's perspective, you raised pf and bet the flop. For him to raise this flop he could have but doesn't necessarily need a monster. This could be done w/ a Q, set, or pair w/ flush draw. Then look at it from the LAG player. He's seen a pf raiser bet the flop, get raised by a TAG player, and still elects to go all in. He either has you dominated, has the Ad, or could even already have the flush. This is too murky of a situation to put your money in,
  10. How can we advocate folding for 14 dollars?? Did you read the first hand? If he only needed 10 high to call bets, do you think he needs much more to raise a bet? Small PP are possible, a 6 is possible, even KQ or something like that is possible. Of course he may have the case A with a better kicker, but combined with the other possiblities+sucking out chances there is no way he can fold this.
  11. FLY EAGLES FLY, ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY,FIGHT EAGLES FIGHT, SCORE A TOUCHDOWN 1 2 3 (1 2 3)HIT THEM LOW, HIT THEM HIGH, AND WATCH OUR EAGLES FLYFLY EAGLES FLY, ON THE ROAD TO VICTORE-A-G-L-E-S EAGLESYou can bet I will be the biggest Eagles fan in all of Virginia next year (first year at UVa.)
  12. Folding is out of the question. To put this donkey on the case A and fold for 14 more dollars with trips is ridiculous. I'm stuck between raising and calling. You are either WA/WB, so I like calling here and checking/calling the turn, or if there is no turn bet putting in a good bet on the river.
  13. I can't fold this. Other overpairs are in his range, and you are getting 2.9-1. You are ahead here at least 30% of the time IMO.
  14. The TAG was considered short stack in this game, and I got the feeling he was trying to double up quick or go to the ATM. Chaser's range is 77-KK (AA he just calls),AK, AQ, AJ, KQ. Does this change anything?
  15. My first thought was definitely to fold, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that if I go all the way to the river I'm going to have a set about 20% of the time. If I'm ahead of the blinds only 10% of the time w/o flopping a set(they share overcards or overcards vs. an underpair), then it is definitely a +EV call.
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