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  1. Completely disregarding the first post, Farha's my favourite for being the best degen ever.
  2. If this is being considered by mods, something I've seen used on another site is a 'Shoutbox' feature. Google the word and you'll come up with a multitude of links offering free shoutboxes...I've seen it used on another site powered by IP Board. It certainly ensures a lot more community interaction, and would only strengthen the already flourishing FCP Community.However there may be some hesitation when introducing such a feature due to the site's high activity and the high maintenance associated with such a feature (plenty of Modding would be required). That, of course, is up to the powers th
  3. When a 'controversy' produces less ripples in the poker world than the introduction of the 'All-in' chip did at the WSOP ME, you start to wonder whether 'controversy' is an apt description. Trash talk is by no means controversial...especially to a B-List poker player.
  4. All the basic ones have already been covered, but one which hasn't been put forth is the old school 'glance away' with disinterest. Yet again this is part of the 'strong means weak, weak means strong' rule put forth by Caro for actors. It's usually coupled with another of the big tells, which is a quick glance at the stack upon seeing the flop. Player sees board, glances at chips then looks away to feign disinterest.Some good tell advice here...but if you can figure out a player's betting patterns you'll be given a considerably more consistent and reliable source of information.
  5. I say "Mark" too...Quicker than you can say "backfired"Mark
  6. UTG raises to £15. In the last five hands it's been made clear he has little to no experience playing poker ("does 3 of a kind beat a straight" was asked last hand, and there wasn't even a straight on the board ). He has £100 behind. In this situation I can assure you that he has a monster...the shaking hands and just his general demeanour have made me 100% certain of this. I'm also certain that no matter what the flop, he's pushing with his KK/AA. So with 6 players to act behind me, what can I call with?
  7. The one at the EPT London where DN was in my spot with AQ, and ended up being busted by a similarly slow-played KK? The action's the same, the cards, blinds, stacks, etc. are all different...I'm afraid I just couldn't limp with AQ UTG - would put in a x2.5 raise...and probably would've still been stacked when KK slowplayed
  8. Hearing about this on HSP, it sounded like a very exciting match. I'd be really interested to know the details of the game; both structure and when it'll happen. I'm also wondering how DN fancies his chances against (from what I hear) one of the best PLO players outside Europe. PLO is such a wonderful game (I wish I were better at it), and I can only imagine the fascinating scenarios that would come up between these two great gamblers heads up.
  9. Hero flat-called and the flop came 873. Hero bet, UTG pushed, button folded, Hero called.UTG shows 99, Hero shows KK. Turn and river come blanks.I'm actually UTG in this hand and was thinking about how 'Hero' played his Kings. All I've seen advocated so far is a reraise with Kings, but I was wondering whether trapping in this spot is a good line. Button later told me he had AQ...so KK is still a slight favourite, but definitely not <60%.
  10. Sorry man, I can never seem to post in the right forum around here.
  11. 26 Players remaining Blinds: 200/400 (50 ante)8-handedHero: 30,000 (approx)UTG: 12,000Button: 20,000 (approx)UTG (tricky LAG who has won last two hands preflop uncontested) limps, folds round to button who raises to £1300 - this screams of position raise to me. I look down and find two black Kings. What should I do?
  12. Last month I had 2 aims:- Play four 5-8 hour sessions each week.- Get the bankroll from £1090 to £2000This was to be achieved playing the £0.50/£1 £100 max at the Victoria Grosvenor Casino, London as well as at various home games in North London (same stakes). The first 3 weeks of the month I was +£600, but I had a monster week during the EPT when the soft games enabled me to earn £650. As a result I am +£1250 for the month, with a bankroll of £2340. Unfortunately I fell ill in the 3rd week of last month and only played one 8 hour session; I've decided to take a business decision to stop eatin
  13. I was there yesterday; arrived at 7:00pm, sat down at a £0.50/1 cash game at 9:00pm, was in a £200 hole by 11:00pm, left on the final hand of the evening at 5:00am with £251 profit. Oh and Dn said 'excuse me' to me while he was trying to get to his table after a break...I imagine he gets asked for autographs and the such far too often, so I thought I wouldn't approach him.I've been playing regularly at the Vic for the last two months, and I've never seen the games that easy! 4 hyper-aggressive scandies lost a collective total of £500, 2 American fish lost £300 and a crew of English fish lost
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