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  1. Never mind. Back to your regularly scheduled Full Contacting.
  2. I will not be quieted! Let me back in! My voice will be heard!
  3. Who the **** doesn't like fried chicken?
  4. Your 3bet size is too small. Go to 10 or 11.Checking the flop is fine. I'd check-raise the turn if my opponent isn't overly aggro because most people aren't firing three barrels with an ace in a 3bet pot. If my opponent is super-aggro, I would take the same line. Either way, you're not folding this hand on any street, even if you didn't hit two pair (without a superdupersuper read).
  5. Make it 220-240 on the turn. A tight/passive player just donked into you when the board paired. If he's playing out of character with a straight draw or whatever, he's likely shutting down anyway. If he's as passive as you say, he likely won't bet an ace or queen on the river. Make it 240 and then put him in for a less than half pot bet on the river.
  6. Yeah! That guy sucks, but he sure is lucky!
  7. I don't think this is a WA/WB situation. He can be raising any flush or even trips here. Never fold with the way this hand played out and I also think against a lot of players, you can comfortably shove this river.
  8. I'm still not convince, but if you want to transfer, that'd be cool. I'll give you play chips for live games if you can hook me up online.
  9. Don't be so hasty. OP is only sure about the play money tables. We need some research done for the cash side before withdrawing.
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