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  1. Let's not forget about those who yell "You know you're on a power play, right?" if the team on the PK ever gets control of the puck.
  2. I watch a low % of seasons, but in the few I have that have a final 3, as opposed to when it was just two, there always seems to be one finalist who gets 0 votes.
  3. I was 100% sure Sophie was gone and totally fist-pumped when it was Rick.
  4. Don't want to read posts in case there are spolilers, but thus far...I loled when Ozzy punched his tower after he won. I think Sophie screwed herself by practically yelling at Albert to help her. And I think a lot of people want to take Rick and even Albert to the finals because they will be the easiest to beat in terms of votes.Edit - ha. This is ironic. I almost made a post before this episode aired that Sophie has down really well keeping her emotions in check, and that that's why I don't think a lot of younger women make it to the end because they get too emotional eventually. Herp derp, S
  5. Maybe it's cause you didn't post it in this thread?
  6. THANK THE LORD.I would have been on monkey tilt if they voted out Sophie. I like her... plus I'd hit it.
  7. I don't want to read anything in case this has aired in other parts of the US but...GG Brandon. Seriously? Final 4 locked up and you're just gonna give it up? Really hope he gets the boot. Peace out, gl vs Ozzy.Edit- IMO It's also dumb for him to do it right as tribal counsel begins. You're giving people time to figure out what to do now as opposed to possibly being able to survive due to the 'shock' factor I guess. Just so bad. It's like watching a donk get to the final table of the WSOP and have a monster CL and he's just like 'I'm gonna call an allin with nothing'. /tilt
  8. LOL @ his river call. Unless you have a history of floating him I don't see what he beats.
  9. I was honestly surprised I didn't punch something.... Not exactly because of the beat, yeah that sucked, but because everybody at the table felt it was necessary to remind me how 'sick' it was. "Dude, man... That's really sick""Yes, I know, I was there.""But, dude, you aren't suppose to lose both of them..that's gotta be like a 1 in 10 shot""Go **** a landmine"
  10. Pretty sure I wanna puke. T8 v 99 on 976 board for like a $900 pot at 1/3. We run it twice, and he binks the river both times. This is all.
  11. Avs confirmed better than the Wings.
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