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  1. I agree I have seen him in Atlantic City playing 2-5 NL also. In the hilton, which is not a big money rooom at all.
  2. If you do not call you better go home, because people will test you pre flop for the rest of your session.
  3. He's not that bad? If you lost a huge pot in a tourney and someone screams and yells and is making a scene you think that is ok....now don't get me wrong a quick show of excitment is ok but it is getting a little ridiculous. Imagine watching if ever single person did an act after every hand.
  4. He is a moron, and why don't people stand up to these antics and say something. Peope like him have zero respect for themselves or anyone else, and why should they if they keep getting rewarded. I personally would never act like that towards people and I do not care what the reward is. Isn't taking there money enough?
  5. I cant see it, it was the 8th in the last update.....is it still going?
  6. The flatter the point system, the more likely the most consistent player will be the winner...Doing it this way you can justify having a more top heavy payout.
  7. Yes!!! nice job Bob on the two different spellings
  8. i think the difference in points from 2nd to 1st is a little much
  9. Do enough people live in Iowa to have a poker game?
  10. i saw ..nice job...what do u want ot play
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