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  1. i am not posting for a while...random thoughts or what not..one post a week at the most...no big deal g'daybut when i do post i shall speak my mind obv..
  2. so grinder is "dropping names" and its ryland...weeeeeeeeeeee so funny even thought its not the case its exactly whats happening sooo funny
  3. ya Middleboro right??20 min drive for mee.......if it went to New Bedford that would be a disaster place has enough gangs and murders without a casino.....but if they put a casino in MA umm things could go bad for me....gg all my mobneys to black jack, more DUIs etccc
  4. jewishmirrorament??seriously your joking rightpost his pic and laughshes a sicko player and u think shes bad looking and think your any where near "presentable"edit: yes im biased because im hot..... but him commenting on looks LOLLLLLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  5. because i know people love to jump on the waggon everyone I have IMd have agreed its "very shady"standard for PLBbut gross to do so in a FCP side bet........you guys dont really know him this is how he is, sadly..........and im gone for 4 hours or sooo
  6. i agree not the point thoughand im going out for the nightPATSSSSSSS
  7. quick example we agreed to play HU........we played he won I said "ill brb"he does flips with hoosier , wins then refuses to move to a new tableand im the guy who did something unethical when I took his money and left....j/s peoplethink clearlyguy begged for him to lose on PURPOSE to win a bet off FCPers.........
  8. super shady what hes doing......justicekids a sketch ball....everyone knows ask the people he stakes
  9. its ALL just a dream folks....it doesnt even mattertrust me
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