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  1. I love how Ivey shows up only when the game is guaranteed to be soft (Dennis, Meltzer, sammy george).
  2. omfg how the hell do you convince people at your home game to play anything else besides NLHE? I wanna try to get them to play stud8 cuz I think i'd rock them to death.
  3. Hieu Ngoc Mawho the hell is this?? earned 4mil+ at tourneys and i've never herad of him
  4. I put together the first stacked deck for the HU situation and cut it 5 times, going back to the original card sequence each time. Dealer won every time. Pretty cool.
  5. There is no doubt that my head would fall off trying to play this mix.
  6. But I remember something about being put on some sort of bank blacklist that all the major banks look at. People that were put on the blacklist couldn't do buisness with ANY of the major banks (citigroup, bank of america, Chase . . . .) and a lot of the less major ones as well. The only option left for people like this would be to go to the local, realllly reallly tiny banks.Correct me if I am wrong?
  7. What lurbz sent you looks A LOT like your standard AIM virus. When the virus infects someone's AIM, it makes their screenname send out (unknowngly to the user) these quick little friendly messages asking them to click on a link. THe link could lead to who knows what, but after you click on it, the virus will usually integrate itself into your AIM. I don't know how to clean it out, but you should probably be worried about your AIM, OP.
  8. I'm not sure if this was threadworthy, but I certainly liked it
  9. Uh, are you trying to say that you would have made some sort of straight on the river? Because A8 don't make a straight with any combination of JQ59K....
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