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  1. HiISAL.If you feel you deserve to be sent some more $$ jus PM me and we'll sort something out, I do honestly feel pretty shitty about this and obv should have explained the situation(tilt-->not moving down stakes-->busto) and returned the stake much sooner.Glad you received the $$.
  2. Wat? Srsly? Neo from the matrix wouldn't make more sense!?
  3. Lol at her discussing loving degrading sex, and also touching herself while reading some of the questions. Interesting stuff imo. I'll be pretty shocked if she does this, it's not worth it imo.
  4. Oh.Wow.Srsly/thread.colonelfeathers just got smacked up.
  5. Awesome thing you're doing Jordan, I'm moving to Thailand for 6 months in september, I was going to go home after that but after speaking to people I know IRL and hearing your experiences I am now going to go volunteering in Africa or South America for 3 months.Hope everything goes well man, GL.
  6. Lol, I was gonna post something similar to this. You win.Awesome score wandigo, congrats sir.
  7. Beat for sure.Good luck getting everything sorted.
  8. GLGLGLGLGL Hoosball win plzzzz
  9. Nice, watched up until HU then had to go.GG sir.
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