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  1. I know thats why "I said stupid people at low limits I guess" in the OP
  2. lol I dont post here much. Although I do like to get the regulars a little riled up so I thought Id post this here. Semi Level?
  3. The fact someone open shoved with 26BB and someone snapped called for their full stack with 72 suited. Then horribly runner runnered. And also I will convert it sorry.
  4. I was not involved in the hand I just watched. Ok I know this is a bad beat and people are probably gonna say BBFIDTS. But this hand was so ridiculous it has to be seen. The shove is ridiculous, the call is ridiculous and the BB is ridiculous.PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $3.00+$0.25 Tournament, 25/50 Blinds (7 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comCO (t1245)Button (t1565)SB (t1140)Hero (BB) (t2275)UTG (t1350)MP1 (t1440)MP2 (t1395)Hero's M: 30.33Preflop: Hero is BB with 8, QUTG bes t1350 (All-In), 3 folds, Button calls t1350, 2 foldsFlop: (t2775) Q, A, J(2 players, 1 all-in
  5. Ok in live home game Sngs Im up like $700 over 211 $10 buy in games in a year (About 5 or so games were $20 buy in). In cash games live Im up like a grand. (only been like 6 times)But online I think Im at even right now or maybe down $100 in my lifetime.Why cant I play online? Is it discipline? Patience?Anyone have any tips on how to improve online game? Any videos to watch or books to read?Also semi brag I just won a home game tonight and we keep every game in excel. Here is the graph over those 211 games. Im the series 1 line that is at the top at the end. Only one other guy is close and the
  6. Ya I should of just shoved him. Also I dont want validity, I made the wrong decision but it felt like I had to call. I just want to know what to do in these awkward situations. yes I called and hit and bad beat his A high flush draw. I felt gross afterwards.
  7. Okay well I am constantly working on my cash game play. My SNG play is pretty good since I play home game SNGs all the time.In this situation I put the guy on overcards and a flush draw. i figured I had to call hoping to have 6 outs.Flop 2c 4c 5sHe had Ac9cI had QdJdTurn JsRiver 6dI called after commiting myself bluffing and ended up sucking out. I have really starting working on this and my BR managemnt. I need better online discipline but hopefully it will get there.
  8. Ive heard of that style. The bet/raise or fold strategy. I may try it some time.Anyways enough evaluating the hand. I realized I played it absolutely terrible and everything was wrong. All I want to know is when you do bluff big on a c bet or what have you, when are you committed to call?
  9. I think a 3BB raise by the button I had QJ suited and called in SB. BB reraised about 3BB more and button called. So it was small enough for me to call with QJ suited. So like 6 or 7 BB each cuz of the min reraise.After I stabbed the min reraiser BB folded. And the raise/caller button min raised me. Then I raised back and they shoved for a min reraise.I know this is a huge leak and I have thought about my game and am doing things to correct it. I just wanna know in this situation can I call.
  10. I meant several times over the years in home games and such. It just happened in 25NL online is why I asked. I know it was totally wrong and I really need to stop trying to steal pots all the time. But if I ever do slip again when are you so committed you have to call?
  11. This situation came up a few times since I play pretty aggressive.Call a raise preflop with a hand like KQ or QJ from BB. Hand has 3 players in it, button, SB, BB.Flop is low like 2 4 5 with two clubs.Pot is 20BBSB checks.I stab 10BB trying to steal.Loose button player min raises 10BB more.SB folds. I read him weak and reraise 20BB more.He shoves only about 20BB more on top.Total pot is 120BB and its 20BB to call with just overcards and no flush draw. Do I have to call being so committed, if so at what pot odds is it right to call? Should I fold? Can I put him on a flush draw/overcard combo en
  12. No this was just a weekly qualifier. The offline game isnt til august 23rd. So the daily and weekly games go til then.
  13. And Im out sweet. I couldnt get a hand all game. A huge stack was pushing me around. I finally shoved with a flush draw and the big stack called with J10. J high held. GG me.
  14. Thnx for the stake. Shitty it had to end like that. Transffered back half. I need some sleep.
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