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  1. From 2p2, only takes a minute to sign.https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petition...poker/KZ2KB7c1Need 5000 signatures for a response from the WH.
  2. Week 3. ZZZzzzzzzz. It's going to be tough to keep this entertaining without any of the Full Tilt stable. Jason Deruuuuuulooooo.
  3. How are you getting into that many 5-1 situations?
  4. I like Samantha. Hot, and doesn't ruin it by talking.
  5. Harrah's has the most players, but I would say Lumiere has the most action. Haven't played at the new casino yet, and I refuse to spend any money in St. Charles.
  6. I had the most fun when I planned around the 50K Players Champions(was HORSE). All the big names, lots of smaller names railing and having a good time.IP is the place to be. I've heard people here talk about Bill's Gambling Hall also.
  7. I thought that may have been a problem since stars didn't take my deposit for the WCOOP reload bonuses. FTP put mine through ok the second time. I don't even have the check option when I pull up to pick a withdrawal method.
  8. Hello George Jung, Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support. We are happy to inform you that your withdrawal for $xxx.00 has now been processed to your bank account. Please note that withdrawals are typically processed within 48 hours. Due to some technical issue your previous withdrawal request for the sum of $xxx.00 was declined. If you wish to receive a check sent to your home address, please email us back to confirm your intention and we will follow up with the requirements we need to proceed with your request. If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know. We'r
  9. Well, tried it again for a higher amount, and it was approved. Didn't get a response to my email yet. Still no paper check option though.
  10. I went to make a withdrawal using the banktransfer method I have for a while now. It was instantly declined. I haven't been able to deposit on stars for a couple of months now, but fulltilt withdrawals were making it my account in 2-3 days. Wondering if anyone else was having a problem. My bank, UIGEA, grandjury, or a combination? I use a smaller credit union in the area for my banking. Anyone have a bigger nationwide bank that works for poker sites? This is on top of an email I got from the scumbags at AP, offering an instant 25% bonus with any deposit. This isn't their usual reload
  11. As a hobby other than poker, I like to strip and refinish furniture. The most satisfying part is after you've removed the old finish, you blow that last bit of the old off. Voila, a fresh new canvas to make your own. I used strippersnblow, instead of stripnblow. I didn't want people to get the wrong idea.
  12. These used to be a lot more common obv. I'm glad there's still people out there playing for real money, and trying to figure out how they're being cheated, instead of trying to figure out how to get better. I usually have to go to a live cardroom, where the "idiots" are always getting lucky, for this type of reasoning. A tear of joy just rolled down my cheek.
  13. I was railing someone at JC's table yesterday and thought the same thing. Had to double check, figured it was a copycat one letter off or something.
  14. "no we are rooting for you Mike, Daniel will never win at high stakes anyway-Eli
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