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  1. That's not irony, that's THE reason why Washington state legislators voted in their crappy laws....trying to protect the indian casinos.
  2. Glad you had fun !I'd like to see your wife's trip report on the shopping !
  3. finztotheleft


    You are dating yourself with that reference.....
  4. How much did you lose ?
  5. My parrothead friends introduced me to poker, so all of my screennames are some Buffettesque derivative ......... finz, finztotheleft, key west, etc
  6. My B of A cards have never worked for poker deposits
  7. I make poker bracelets that are not tacky at all (well, not too much)The satin WPT jackets that they give out at Foxwoods if you hit a royal are pretty tacky, IMHOI still want one thpugh !
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