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  1. That's not irony, that's THE reason why Washington state legislators voted in their crappy laws....trying to protect the indian casinos.
  2. Glad you had fun !I'd like to see your wife's trip report on the shopping !
  3. finztotheleft


    You are dating yourself with that reference.....
  4. How much did you lose ?
  5. My parrothead friends introduced me to poker, so all of my screennames are some Buffettesque derivative ......... finz, finztotheleft, key west, etc
  6. My B of A cards have never worked for poker deposits
  7. I make poker bracelets that are not tacky at all (well, not too much)The satin WPT jackets that they give out at Foxwoods if you hit a royal are pretty tacky, IMHOI still want one thpugh !
  8. Exactly KT. Unless someone plans on losing their initial deposit and never depositing again, eventually they'll wish they had rakeback.Although you can go to any rakeback site, you would still get the same percentage back if you use any FCP'ers rakeback link, plus they will make some bonus off it too. Costs you nothing to share with a fellow FCP'er
  9. Sigh........nevermindI only looked at the Jan 31 listings that came before the Feb listing......I didn't go to the bottom of the screen and look after all of the other tourneys this year. Guess it's obvious I don't do this much
  10. I made a deposit and PS says I have a ticket to 1 of the 2 Sunday Football Specials, but I can't find the tourney to register.It says it's under tourney, then regional......but it's not there. Or....i'm stupid or blind, either one coul be a possibility.Anyone know where to find it ?
  11. Hmmm........I think that makes you one year younger than me, so it makes me feel older !
  12. On someone else's titties or on his own moobs ?
  13. Are there any cardrooms in the Dunnedin (? sp) area ? Hubby and I are considering a retirement condo in Florida and I would like to be able to get my poker fix.
  14. I'm hoping this is a 'not speaking in her native tongue' issue, but how does a spokesperson for a school for health actually manage to make comments about "After four hours of sitting, the body starts to send harmful signals," Ekblom-Bak said. She explained that genes regulating the amount of glucose and fat in the body start to shut down." ?How exactly does one's genetic composition CHANGE after you sit for a few hours ? I believe that your metabolism shifts and slows down after hours of sitting, but she wants me to believe that my genes actually shut down ? Huh ?
  15. Grow up and pretend to have some class.....and compassion
  16. I'm on the rail, but looks like you guys are chopping 3 ways
  17. Truthfully, I propably would have played it like you did, BUT I am admittedly too passive/calling station post flop, so don't go taking that as a compliment !I like the pfr after the 5 folds.I think the correct move on the flop is to check raise him. Check/calling is weak and doesn't get you anymore info. He has to continuation bet the flop (after his 3 bet pf) after you checked to him. Your check/call screams lower pair than the ace. I don't think donk betting into him on the flop is the way to go either. If you check raise him on the flop and he 3 bets you, you can be more convinced tha
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