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  1. why would chip denomination have anything to do with it?
  2. that sounds good too..so...ahem...results? i know there wasn't much thoughtful or helpful discussion except for a few posts...but im damn curious..loldid the girl have air (busted flush draw)?
  3. i think you have to call. ...i'd be surprised for her to turn up with a hand that beats you. utg looks like he has a 7 or mid pair, or a busted flush draw ....for her, she either has you crushed, but probably not...maybe ace/7?i suck, so whatever
  4. goddamn,..way to go Toronto..even though i know he isn't the BEST poker player in the world (he is up there though), i always root for him....ever since the Freddie Deeb bluff years back..
  5. For heads up, shouldn't you be calling the river on the 2nd hand at least,unless you have some read? Even the 1st hand, i can't bet fold that river unless i know villain never bluff raises the river....I mean, it's heads up...not that i know..
  6. wow, guess i was wrong.....i discounted bluffs cause of his raise size..also, cause the way you played the hand, it didnt seem like you had air..so if we was going to raise, it would be pushing you off a made hand (such as you A/q)...i know u had the top of your range, but even if u held just an ace, or 44-77, you'd probably call his raise right? about a previously made hand into a bluff...he doesn't have much bluffs here though...right? i mean what else would he have that was a made hand into a bluff?
  7. I dont think this is a bluff at all. But I do think that his value range that you lose to that would raise on the river is close to the amount that you beat..does that make sense? Assuming he raises kk,aa,qq, some random hands that have an 8 like 8-9, 8-10 vs 99-jj, kq, aq(chop), 77-44...i could see all these hands raising the river for value (maybe not all)..but even the Ax hands may raise hoping you hold similar and feel they can push you off...anyways, i think it's a call since you're getting over 2 to 1. is this analysis way off?what happened with the other hand before that cobalt?
  8. yours was more helpful..lol..why do they call it a neg-o?
  9. I think it's a call if he knows you're a reg... (and if he's a reg too)..if he was some 1-tabling fish like me, then i'd fold..
  10. does anyone think the villian does not put hero on nowhere near a hand as strong as trips and thinks a shove will get hero to fold most of his range? results?
  11. i felt folding was too weak preflop...even though i narrowed his range to 4 hands, which i only beat 1...a 3 bet and c-bet would have been better...i shouldn't have called the turn, but i was so confused...he checked river when it bricked, i shoved and he tanked forever and folded qq face up...
  12. i think u should have led the turn...if mp has a set, wouldn't he normally raise the turn? (i say normally, because i think he showed up with a set here, and that's why you posted the hand - maybe)...but anyways, i think that because if u have aa/kk, you're gonna most likely call a raise(well,most ppl would) instead of folding...his overcall seems so a/j ish that's hoping you have some sort of missed a/k and will foldi'm wondering what he showed up with...
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