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  1. what i'm sayin here guys, is this is the first step in the gov't trying to put a stop to online gambling. first its debit cards, then all other transfers of funds overseas. like i said, i have tried every other site, and talked with several people who said the transfers are being stopped. i was hoping to get more info from sources who would know how or what to do. who can we inform that would have pull in this matter
  2. did the govt put a stop to making international credit card deposits/purchases or what?? i tried FTP, poker stars, doyles room and UB, and have gotten declined at all, any one else?. may 9th at FTP was my last deposit with the same card i have used on all these sites for 3 years. i tried to get a new international card, and they dont sell them as of last week. wheres the news on this? i called the proccessor, provider, and the sites and i aint getting anywhere. the card holder says that they dont even recieve the request for withdrawl, so i know its being declined before it gets there, which t
  3. either your messin with me or dont know. its callin a flop bet when the board can bring a str8 or flush etc(2 to it and brings 3rd on turn or river pretending you have 2 in the hole to complete it, or just makin him believe you have top pr or hit a set, on and on), and you have shit, just to bet it when it hits and steal the pot.(the phantom hand, existing only in his head) it doesnt exist. put the guy on a hand and go for it if you can read hands. there are many ways to win at poker......not just closin your eyes, pushing, and sending out a prayer. every play in poker has its spot, depending
  4. im with ya dude...fold to a probable coin-flip. you still have over 20bb and i personally like to be the one shoving. ( i guess we all know that if we had the guy stacked and would still leave us 10-12bb, its insta-call)well put when you say there will be a better spot to put it in, both you and i know that from experience. thats how i play live, and it works great. now the internet...thats a whole different ball of wax there, i guess depending on the size of the buy-in.
  5. ok, i miss spoke, but you get the point. im not risking an early exit on chance. AA is the only hand i call with, odds say i win most of the time. anything else....i dont know, especially JJ or less
  6. thats my point, i would fold AA pre to a donk throwing all the chips in that early. if you cant win by playin good poker, you never will. theres a whole tourny ahead of you (much better spots), use the skills to make the money. poker is math, not luck. over time, what brings home the bacon?
  7. what true?? u have 15 into it? i wouldnt be proud of that. i can make the money without a rebuy, just the entry. use skills like chk-raising or phantom calls, or better yet....slowplay fo4r all the chips. thats poker man, not luck. its knowing what the other guy has and what he'll do.
  8. just watched trueace13 (who criticizes my play) just shove in an unopened pot, mp2, having 3960, and the blinds were 20/40. he had QsJs and gets called by 77. if you want to throw your money away true, send it to me via my account lol . this is why i dont play much on the net , if i had AA and insta call, he still sucks out by hitting a straight like he did. i guess poker in my world is playing the best i can, and he sure proved to me that true believes in luck. the net is for plays like that, so i will keep playin my $300 buy-ins live, and use skill. actually true, keep makin plays like t
  9. i guess i'm done spinnin the web have a nice daymomma said life is like a box of chocolates.....you know the rest
  10. funny..you show me this , yet all i see you guys talk about is .02/.05 nl. i dont see you on opr (official poker rankings. people who had accounts that closed them to the public, it will say that, yours dont) i'm just sayin. impressive if true. how much do you spend to make that??? everything back? 42%roi? whatever. im done with closed minded players who just sit back and dont play poker, nor do they want to discuss anything cuz they are to good for everyone else. i'm thinkin...you play against the big boys and you cant compete. at least i have a post flop game, and it seems all of you play is
  11. there isnt ANY flush draw....thats how much attention you pay to details. unless youre talking pre with A6 diamonds...cuz thats all you SUPERB players know LOL pre and flop...now post flop game, thats sick111111
  12. wheres all the comments from all these smart players???
  13. would almost anyone call a min raise with sm/mid pkt pair having 18 BB? of course you would!!!. i'm so sick of hearing garbage that KJsuited was a bad call....think about it, i had WAY more chances to hit a flop and crack AA, than a 2 outer to hit a set you idiots!!! if you had pkt pair and missed, you dump it, same thing. wake up, open your eyes and play WINNING poker. funny how i cash 1.27 out of 4 tournys i play, and my cash game is pretty damn good too. i must be bad. you wont smell the coffee and play poker....just wait to blind out or be lucky by catching hands that are dealt to you. so
  14. DUDE !!! it was the first hand of a tourny and were sitting on 100x BB....what other scenario falls under "small ball theory" sure later on you need to get aggressive/ weary/ tight. this is what i talk about when people wear blinders. so much ABC poker that people lose the the concept of playing "said" hand at "said" time, and reading "said" hand. its always: this is the way to play every hand at every point in the tourny.i dont care if i have a million chips or 20BB, i'm playin the odds, and with chips, i'm extremely hard to beat. i'm like merlin, or patrick jane on the mentalist. i see what
  15. i dont know??/u tell me...was everyone affraid to stick thier neck out and get criticized for coming up with the wrong card reading abilities? 150 views and "1 guy", vaguely put a hand theory out there....i dont get it
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