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  1. Update: Played with this bonehead guy again this past Saturday night at Caesars in AC. As he sat down he looked over at me and said, "I can't believe they even let you in here."I felted him roughly 40 minutes later when my Qs10s made a straight flush against his set of jacks. He asked how I raise with q10. My response: "I had a boner." Sweet sweet vindication.
  2. So I am looking for some different perspectives on this situation that came up in a live game in AC the other day. In all honesty, I think the entire scenario got blown incredibly out of proportion and laughed about it as it was going on, but certain other players at my table had a lot to say. Here's the scoop:2-5 nlhe game. I'm the big stack at the table with about $1600 and sitting in the #8 seat. The gentleman to my immediate right in the #7 seat is involved in a large heads up pot with the guy in the #4 seat. The hand is being played out and I am minding my own business, action gets to the
  3. I missed you too. The final year of law school is dominating my life. Unfortunately, I have become quite flaccid.
  4. Happy Birthday Antonio. 800k is a pretty nice present imo.
  5. Name of the course please. I would like to make a tee time for this weekend.
  6. If you continue to beg, I will have no choice but to give you the boner.
  7. This may come as a surprise to all here. I just love boners. Boners everywhere. So I combined my desire for boners and the dream of seeing them everywhere, hence the addition of "galore."
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