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  1. I don't understand why people are such assholes on this forum. If it were even a little bit funny I could maybe understand, but its not.Seriously, get a life people.
  2. Obviously I played this hand terribly.Pushed all in the hand before and picked up the pot.Hero (2600t)Villain (8600t)125t/250t 25antePreflop: Hero is UTG+5 with K , Q .folds to hero, hero calls, CO raises 1000, folds to hero, Hero callsFlop: (2500) 9 , 10 , 7 (2 players)Hero...Help cuz I r suck.
  3. So i'm shortstacked in the big blind 400-800 pick up aq, button calls, sb calls, i go all in for 3200button calls all in, sb deliberates and i put him on a weak ace.I say, "come on man, how can you fold theres so much money out there?"Both the dealer and the button get on my case saying "you cant try to entice another players decisions when another players tournament life is on the line" or some like that.Standard?edit: posted this on 2+2 and was told i'm an *******, so tried to make it less *******-eyjust quit smoking
  4. Ok, Ir teh sux at pokers. but hwatever.Hero CO with AA (17000 stack)500/1000hero Raises to 3000hot british milf in BB calls (26000 stack)Flop976 RainbowBB checksHero bets 5000Turn9765BB ChecksHero bets it all cuz is haz deh aces!Anyway, my thoughts on this hand are that her range is pretty freaking wide, and only a small part of her range I beat--that being 910 9j 9q 9k. Don't expect 1010+ because that would probly have reraised pf. so theres left sets, lots of straight possibilities and lots of two pairs that have me beat, but i only has a half pot sized bet left so is this stupid to over thi
  5. Ok, I guess I was wondering if shoving and betting, say 1000 does effectively the same thing? Is anyone calling 1000 with something that they are folding to a shove? someone wound up calling with pocket 77's so, I dont know.
  6. Ok, firstly, ISAP, secondly i was tilting pretty bad, thirdly this may be super stupid but whatever.Live final tables yoHero 5000UTG+ 4000BB 6000200/400UTG + I don't know, like, three, limps (middle eastern sort of solidish tag player)Hero Raises 1500 on the button with AQssBB Calls (oldish fat guy with probably little understanding of mechanics)UTG + whatever callsflop J88 rainbowUTG+ ChecksBB ChecksSoul reads say no one has a jack and no one has an 8, and no one has an overpair, and this turns out to be true.
  7. k thanks, the river is what i was most curious about, also its bodog so no good hhc... did my best.also: cr flop no good?
  8. As I recall the villain had bluffed me a couple of times in marginal spots (he showed 7x on a q10j board i think, raising me)was gonna add thought process commentary but thats probably not necessary.Hctorcerif Card dealt to a spot J 2 Hctorcerif Call $ 0.05 Lastman33 Call $ 0.05 slick poppy Call $ 0.05 chanceman Call $ 0.03 BLAAMM Check Betting round completed Last active pot = $0.30 Card dealt to table 2 2 6 chanceman Check BLAAMM Check rong xing xu Check Hctorcerif Check Lastman33 Check slick poppy Bet $ 0.30 chanceman
  9. Firstly, i know this is mostly the wrong place to post this but...So, there has been someone posting hands as DN on 2+2, and doesn't that suck? Shouldn't he be promoting his own website? Or does he just recognize the modern impotence of FCP?http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/19/high-...t-games-746370/http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/19/high-...on-more-745745/http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/19/high-...bs-deep-746789/
  10. Although this is may be results-oriented thinking- doesn't it seem like had we raised the turn in this hand we wouldn't have achieved maximum value?My first instinct was to raise the turn as well, but villain winds up donk-betting river and folding to a min raise- would he have called a raise on the turn?
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