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  1. So did that one guy get the treasure chest or what??
  2. Nope. It's been years and I still call every time to revel in my glory at the 4% of the time the hero call is correct.
  3. Thanks for hosting team FCP, this will be fun.I think I have a good chance since I picked names much akin to the girls that always win the football pools picking their favorite colors and animals for teams.
  4. Thanks for the cliffnotes to bob's response.
  5. There's a hockey game tonight with a O/U of SEVEN, with the buyer of the over having to pay the extra vig. Insane. God is vegas needing people to offset the over action. Still gotta think over, right?
  6. Anyone have any other good ideas to get back to forum greatness??
  7. Spoken for, but you seem like a clean guy. I'll let you know if the status ever changes. I appreciate all that life has to offer from the fairer sex. From a safe distance of course since marriage. Surprisingly, no. I will examine the possibility from time to time, however I tend to stick to my convictions on a play. While I love O/8 because I'm risk averse, I still intend to maximize potential within the game structure. The same rule applies for me as to the parlays! (though the smartest play might be to not play them, lol!) Micro--Two Brothers Cane and EbelDomestic--Bud HeavyImport--Smithwic
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