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  1. florida is back up as of a couple weeks ago.. I know that doesn't help you much , but we went down around same time..
  2. Doh.. just saw FL is having issues as well.. bummer..
  3. eh what the hell ill run somethin for ya if ur still stakin..Smooth0ne (Port St. Lucie)
  4. Hmmmm do i wanna start off my new year loosing $$$ to all the sharks from this board.. lol
  5. thx for the stake bob.. ill try and do better next time.. gg all
  6. in for a stake since your feeling generous.. Smooth0nePort St Lucie,FLThx
  7. Out in 13th .. Thx for the stake didnt get a real hand for a long time and very little action when i did..
  8. Thanx hopefully we can make some $$$.. See ya on the felt..
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