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  1. Hello...I used to post here/visit quite a bit back in the day...played on FCP when it had it's poker room...good times. I moved to Stars when FCP got bought out, but obviously now, since Stars bailed on the US, I was stuck.Since then, even some of the remaining USA friendly rooms have not allowed me to play because I live in NY...NY being one of the "unfriendly states"...you all know the story.Anyway...I did some searching and really couldn't find a definitive answer that was recent(maybe I searched wrong, I dunno)...but my question...What rooms are still open to NY State based players, and h
  2. Some time ago, NY State(and some others I understand), were unable to use their checking accounts to boot up. Now this is just speculation...but Stars was still offering boot ups with Western Union(using cash only), and Money Orders. If these sites had, say in 2006 when the law went live, simply turned off eChecks for deposit/withdrawl, and made you jump through the hoops....would this have happened? Technically the law broken is they were not entirely honest about what was being purchased with these transactions...that kinda stuff isn't taken into effect with Western Union or money order
  3. Answered my own question...an email to PS support came back within an hour(stunning lol).....NY is still no go for eChecks.All righty then.
  4. Just wondering...I know eChecks were down as of last month, but I was wondering if this has been rectified to anyone's knowledge. Pokerstars site says that its a go both deposit and withdrawl, but it said that before when I got denied.Anyone?Thanks in advance.Big Mike
  5. God bless you, and your family, during this difficult time...godspeed and RIP
  6. I think it matters what limits you are playing cash at as well, eh? I mean I'm a low renter in live cash games...I generally stay at the 1/2 NL tables, 100 max, sometimes 200 max...and with those blinds, making a bet of anything less than 15 bucks is not gonna chase out enough people so you can try to outplay a single or maybe two players post flop.Unless I'm getting "small ball" wrong. Please correct me if I am.
  7. I kinda still against the idea...however...after reading DN's blog, I understand what they are trying to do, and agree that if it doesn't work...there is always next year. It still sounds bad on the surface tho...
  8. Imagine going on the run that Jamie Gold had when he won. Having to wait would certainly kill something like that. Yeah...there is technically no such thing as going on a rush...but try telling that to the guy that's on one. Plus the whole coaching thing, and the fact that the FT will be even more whored out than usual....AND the whole what if I can't make it thing...HARRAH'S....YOU ARE RUINING THE WORLD SERIES OF POKERI am surprised that DN is quoted as liking this idea.
  9. I can't imagine it was anyone recognizable....but maybe it was...I dunno. Would a recognizable pro wish to potentially run into this broad somewhere again, and risk a scene?I dunno...it's still genius. nh sir
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