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  1. I've been tweaking this scoring for five years now, 30players per team cuz its a heads up fantasy draft, but I do believe my scoring system is easier to follow and more accurate than DN's**All Non-Specified Events w more than 1000peoplecash-5-final.two.tables -8-final table-10-fifth -15-third -20-second -25-first -30- **All Non-Specified Events w less than 1000peoplecash-2-final table -5-fifth -8-fourth -10-third -12-second -15-first -20- **Heads upcash -5-elite8 -10-final4 -15-final2 -25-champ -40- **MAIN EVENTcash -15-final200 -20-final90 -25-final27 -30-final18 -40-final9 -50-third
  2. I BEEN waiting 90 games in the real world, and fantasy world, for matt barnes to take ron-ron's job.... guess I have to keep waiting...WTF phil jackson, please do something and stop sitting on your ass aka wearing a different ring to each game, the past is the past!!!! drastic measures are needed!!!!!if only he would start bynum5odom4barnes3kobe2blake1 they could pull off the impossible comeback...pau ****ing sucks, but he would be sweet off the bench vs the dallas reservesfisher is old and should only be playing 10mins a game anywayron-ron, he doesnt even have to come off the bench , he
  3. wtf, ill bet it twice, have fun sweating the final 5 minutes w lebron taking shots!!!
  4. bet this w kobe2odom, no more action on this for me
  5. give me 50 to win 60, then i will take the CELTS on paypal
  6. kidding? you must have me confused with dscooot (who is lame btw)
  7. I would suggest reporting any amount you ship back, just to be safe...
  8. lov the johnny mac clip...lol to fighter and trueace
  9. why does a winning player need a stake? street sense says that people needing stakes are not winning players.the only reason alot of pros offer stakes is cuz they have a gambling problem and want more action and to help people they feel sorry for.. and profiting by staking people is as bad morally as insurance and tax collectorsin honor of Easter, JC would spit in stakers faces...
  10. what about relocating the wsop to DC this year, the march could surely attract enuff people then.. and wouldn't it be in harrah's best interest for the legitimacy of the sport
  11. Most likely things online are gonna take a while to get resolved... but if people think something can be done in a hurry, the best option would be to get a march on washington ASAP, like yesterday... how do you get 100s of thousands of 18-25yr olds to do that? FTP/Stars should get together to host the real LIVE attendance record-breaker type event like they did online, say 100bucks entry w 10mil gauranteed pool at say Atlantic City, it could even be a super-turbo, bc logistics of getting more people to shuttle to washington DC depends on the tournament playing quickly. FTP/stars should help
  12. HAND 1-fold the flop instead, but if you must call, only bet one of the two following streets
  13. set a line on marlins or reds VS braves in total wins and ill take it for 20 ftp
  14. looking for 10 ftp on dayton -1.5 @ umassftp dscoot
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