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  1. Has anyone else had problems getting Poker Tracker 3 to load on their Mac??? I can' seem to get past a problem w/ loading the postgreSQL... Any suggestions???
  2. Must be nice... I run like shit all the time. You must be the guy who beats my top set w/ a backdoor straight draw. BTW that's happened 3 times in the last two days.Edit: You must be the guy who beats my A K w/ A K :club:2nd Edit: You must be the guy who calls a raise w/ 23 off OOP, flops a wheel draw, goes absolutely crazy and outdraws my 2 pair.
  3. Scott Montgomery is a toolbox and a donkey.
  4. So ****ing gross.Finished 5th. At last 2 tables I literally won 3 showdowns, and like 60 pots with no showdown. Was grinded down to around 15BBs, flopped a straight from the blinds, shoved and obv. opponent hit a gutshot for a bigger straight.So ****ing sickEdit: Its even grosser than I thought...Me: 6 8 , Him: K Q Flop 9 7 T , turn he hits his 4-outer J , so I now have flush draw and the river bricks.
  5. Now 4/5. Guaranteed $760. Just sucked out pretty bad on Mr. Horseshoe after he made a great call. I had AK he had 66 board was 9955 and I shoved into an already big pot. Obv. Ace on the river.Been at it 15 hours now. Still have over 30 BBs, so I'm not out of it yet.
  6. 55>QQ, now 3rd of 11 w/ 700K3/9 at FT. Chipleader has a horseshoe up his assEdit: 5/7 w/ 780K. Horseshoe ass had KK vs. my AQ on Q-high flop, then I ran into AA.At it 14 hours now.
  7. Should be taken care of now...2/11 w/ a little more than a million. Been at it 13 hours. First place is $2500ish
  8. Just doubled w/ 99 vs. A5 off. 2nd in chips w/ 1Million+
  9. Haven't posted here in a long time, but used to be pretty active...On the verge of FT in the $11 Deepstack tourney on Stars. Right now sitting 9/16 after a bad level (there was 1600 runners). Been in the top 4 or 5 for 4 hours or so.Stars screenname is RT Firefly1
  10. A few years ago I took my first "poker trip" to visit a buddy and do nothing but play cards for 2 or 3 days. The first night we played at a private club in Toledo and I felted the resident douchebag hotshot kid 3 times in about a half hour. The next day we played in a couple different casinos in Detroit and I won the biggest pot I had won to that point playing Omaha 8. It was a kill pot, so we were playing 10/20. I don't remember my exact hand, but on the turn I had the high nuts and like the 3rd nut low. It was something sick like 5 players to the river and it brought a higher possible s
  11. I've noticed like 3 threads on FCP/2+2 asking if people pay up on these type of prop bets. I find it really troubling that people even have to ask. Of course they have to pay up.
  12. I'm going to sweat Kurt and play some cash this afternoon. Doubt I'll be able to give any kind of updates b/c my phone doesn't work at the shoe and somehow they haven't realized it's the year 2009 and WiFi should be everywhere...GL Kurt, take it down.
  13. Brag:I flopped a Royal in my Omaha 8 game today at the Horseshoe.Beat:I finished my 7 hour session even.
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