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  1. I think Daniel should Post more and have more Incentives. remember when he used to have the " Weekend in Vegas with Daniel " Give aways. Or the Protege Event.He needs to create a competition like that to get all the old members to jump back on board.Come on Daniel, have something special for the Loyal FCPers man.Another protege Comp!
  2. LoL, Holy smokes how old is this post?? I haven't been following Daniel for a while now but I am ready to get back on board.I think he Tweets way too much and should get back to Posting on this Blog. Looks the the traffic here has gone down big time.I remember a Time back in 06 where there would be 10 - 20 new posts per day. Is Governator still running this site?Anyway Good Luck on your goals this year Daniel.
  3. HahahahahahaYes I had to get it in Early before Apr 1st to have that Dramatic Effect...LOL
  4. Oh my God. What a crazy Session I just had at my local Casino. Let me start off by saying I am an MTT online player who occasionally goes to the casino for live 5-5 no limit Holdem. I enjoy it once in a while but the slow action is too boring to be a regular. Anyway, yesterday I drive up and sit down in the 5 - 5 NL game. Great action and alot of young degen's who obv just recently took up the game and shooting way to lose for this game. I buy in for 300 and slowly work it up to about 1200 in a matter of 3 hours. One of the younger kids has about 3 g's and is raising every pot. You know the T
  5. Hey guys, gonna play it at 6 pm today? Are they giving straight cash or are they buying your seat/hotel and giving you the regular airfare money? Can anyone elaborate?
  6. Ok Daniel, I am gonna set a challenge out for you. You love Fantasy Hockey more then anyone I have ever seen. You also love the NHL more then anyone I have ever seen. So why don't you set yourself a GOAL. Longterm OBV of lets say 20 years to own (even a small percent) a Major Hockey team? Could be AHL or NHL but NHL preferably.Questions are.What are the chances (percentage wise) of your Poker and other investments allowing this goal to come true?How long would it take?Would you give up all your time and devote it to running a Hockey Club?Thoughts people........Imagine Daniel Owning a team and
  7. Sincere condolences Daniel. I met your mom at the PCA and she went out of her way to have a conversation with my wife and I. Hopefully she is in a better place.
  8. Been a long time member here, feuded and debated with alot of you but this OZIUM guy takes the fkn CAKE! Are you serious bro? Do you really expect anyone to believe your BS? This is why so many poker players get a BUM rap in life. People like him!Who the hell fakes an illness for $1500 bucks? ScummmmmmmmmmmOh yeah I love this, "Sorry I couldn't post on the site even though i would occasionally log in" ??????
  9. Ivey did all he could, if he wins that RACE with a8 vs 33 then he is gonna run over the table. He also loses AK to AQ that would have given him another shot! All in all I still think it was a good bet. DARVIN MOON Is the worst player I have ever seen in my life. THose two early bluffs will go down in history as the worst ever. He is truly a Donk who is getting hit by the DECK! GG Ivey.
  10. Who is better? Jamie Gold or Darvin Moon??? Good question really but watching Darvin moon play poker, I can't help but get the feeling of a Donk that is getting HIT BY THE DECK like a frieght train? 40 million chip pot and you insta call thinking you can only be beat by an ACE high flush WHEN THE BOARD IS PAIRED? Mind you I think the other guy is a fool for pushing but MOON got so lucky there. I think Gold has better poker skills not by much then MOON.DAmn Ivey is giving 6.8 to 1 now? Should have waited, oh well good luck all. Ps. I think that MOON bet getting to top 3 is ok but he is really b
  11. Great back and forth guys but back to the TOPIC at hand. IVEY will crush the final table. After watching the last few episodes of WSOP I am more confident then ever that IVEY will win this thing. All he needs is one double up and he will run the table. MOon is by far the worst player ever to final table with the chip lead. Nothing against the guy but the way he played the JQ hand was TERRIBLE! He didn't even realize that the board was paired? WTF. Ship the $1650 BABY!
  12. Wow, Thanks Daniel, makes me feel better now about my bet You guys that are still arguing against the bet seriously need to CHILLAX. Daniel Negreanu who I am sure knows a little bit more then the rest of us regarding Short stack play/final table/ivey's edge etc, just said he would take IVEY at 3.8/1 to win it all. NOt talking about a must win but straight up! "I think Ivey is like 3.8 to 1 to win this thing and I'm not kidding in the least"Obviously nothing in the gambling world is a sure thing but when you have a short handed game and a guy with IVEYS exp/reading ability/short handed exper
  13. This would be a great Question For DANIEL??????DAniel if you are reading is this a good bet or not?Please advise as you would know better then us what the odds of Ivey winning are.Thanks
  14. GUys think about it like a 9 man SNG and Ivey has half the average stack. 1 hand and he is above average. Factor in that all other 8 players are going to be trying to move up the money and IVEY can exploit them all. It is a great bet at 5.5 to 1. Better then even for sure with his skill level. ps. is that video REAL where he mucks the winning hand? CRazy if so..
  15. Looking to get your thoughts on Phil Ivey getting 5.5 to 1 odds to win the main event. I am hoping he wins obv but is his chip stack to low? I am laying 300 to win 1650 and it will make watching the FT that much more exciting. With his low chip stack yet obvious skill EDGE, what are your thoughts on me winning this bet?????????
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