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  1. Congrats dude. This is like 2 years overdue imo.
  2. I felt it...it started slow and got stronger. I was hoping it was going to be the big one...but then it stopped.
  3. I know Andrew. He is a good friend of my brother-in-law. He's been to a couple parties at my house. Vote for him.
  4. When you only think about that game then it can rip your heart out...but that game was not the end of the season. The Patriots were not eliminated from playoff contention last night. They are not suddenly no-longer in clear control in the AFC east with a fighting chance at the #2 seed and a bye.One could almost argue that this loss was good for them as the pain of last night may provide a little extra motivation when they play again. Also, for the rest of this year when they have a team down in the 2nd half you can be sure that they will not be taking their foot off their opponents throat.With
  5. So are you saying he should have had more faith in his defense? He knows his defense better than you or I, and I feel I am in no position to question his assessment of their ability to stop the Colts in that particular situation.What was bad was the situation.These are just estimates (they should be pretty close to reality), but lets think about it this way:Patriots punt, the Colts have a 55% chance of scoring a TD and winning the game.Patriots go on 4th down and:-have an 80% chance of converting which ends the game-miss, and the Colts now have a 75% chance of scoring a TDSo they have an 80% c
  6. Meh...it seems really horrible, it really wasnt that bad of a call. They can pick it up there 80% of the time and then the game is over. If they punt the Colts would still have all the time in the world. The thing that was disheartening was the wasting of the timeouts and not being able to challenge the spot. I really think he got possession and came down at the marker. It was spotted as if he didn't get possession until he was already on the ground. Anyway, it's not that huge of a deal. The Patriots have proven they can go into Indy and at least put themselves in a position to win. They'll ge
  7. Great game. It's like you hit a 2 outer in the river. Congrats Colts fans. Hopefully these two teams can do it again in the AFCCG.
  8. Interesting that 8 of the 10 richest members of congress are Democrats.
  9. lol yeah, I saw that. Extremely funny.
  10. So does anyone here think the fish will win tomorrow?
  11. It was probably just a freeway road rage murder holding up traffic. That's usually what it is.
  12. Sweet...extended Rondo for 5 years/55 million.
  13. You have 2 more weeks to enjoy it.
  14. Does it make up for all the games that he's singlehandedly lost?Nice win today though. I always love seeing the Jest lose.
  15. This should be a fun year. They really have to get it done this year though. The window is closing...especially if this is Rondo's last year in Boston.
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