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  1. Still enjoying the blog. Didn't realize you were a Detroit area guy.
  2. I believe you meant "Emplode" As in the following MtM Tweet: "I tryed to comprise myself and me being so emotional of a person I was not able to and I emploded this was worst ruling in poker history" May or may not be the worst ruling in poker history, but that has to be one of the worst tweets in poker history. For guys like Mike it always seems to be someone else's fault when your actions have consequences.
  3. Thought the secondary actors were pretty bad. But overall really liked how they leveraged the Fargo Universe. BBT is a good sociopath. Really looking forward to see how they develop characters. I'm guessing some of the characters that start as minor pieces (like Carradine) will evolve into more substantial arcs.
  4. A while back Fozzie had a few tumors removed. He made it through that very well, but it confirmed that he has cancer. A couple of weeks ago Fozzie started losing his appetite. A few other symptoms made me think the cancer might have finally spread to his intestines. Vet confirmed High Grade cancer. So we are going to have to make the dreaded trip in the next several days. Fozzie was (still is for a couple of more days) a good Dog.
  5. 100% (Probability 1) since it already occurred.
  6. I'm voting "delusional" at this point. "Troll" doesn't really seem likely.
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