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  1. I refuse to sell advertising, because I have integrity.
  2. I'm saying that. I've decided that promoting myself as the best Reality TV recap writer in the world on this poker forum is the best way to promote my blog.
  3. Oh hey, guys. Did you know that I'm the best Reality TV recap writer in the world? It's true! I am! Also, The Leftovers is terrible.
  4. The Leftovers is pretty terrible so far. At least we can all agree on that.
  5. Thanks! Been here for a little over two years now.
  6. If the world is spinning out of control, then explain my excellent grip on the carpet.
  7. If I could find a reality show with millions of contestants, I'd be famous.
  8. It's an exciting day, indeed. Thanks for the comment on the blog, too. Very cool.
  9. So upset Eddie isn't around for Paula Deen. And, thank you. I think I'm getting better at it with each episode. Bri sent me this lovely tweet, "ill miss you portraying me as a kale-eating, unicorn-riding, forest fairy. If I trim my bangs soon, ill be sure to mail you some." And James made a call out for me to get more followers. It's been a big week for MasterChef Theatre.
  10. I hope this fleshlight enjoys lunch.
  11. Yeah, we're all having sex now. All of us. Every last one.
  12. I hold stuff back, because I like to give the top two spots to those who need it more than me.
  13. I'm officially a motherfvcker. She's awesome, and we're having a good time. On Sunday, I leave for LA for 3 weeks to make some Xmas commercials. That will also be a good time. My dog ate two unused condoms today. She had a great time.
  14. Yeah, it was only one of the best episodes ever. No big whoop.
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