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  1. since turnaction can bring u alltheway, reckon as i remember that u are the nut on the turn, u have to pot after his raise,..so there is no way to ever call that raise only to see a bad river? bring it in when u r good!
  2. who ever this phil from chicago is booing at..! you're doing a good job in fooling the character you are pretending to be!
  3. interesting what different feedback people give, strange though what your society is like.. i'm impressed of the nonsense and offtopic answers... seems to me Jon you've given the only answer to my question, ty though i don't have his number.
  4. just seemed to be so familiar when i saw him, and heard his voice, his eyebrows are different though, all the other things you can Change like hairs beard, weight, but the eyebrows? i am not convinced it is not Esfandiari! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsQvXEsFJC4
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