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  1. as an honest answer it is likely because it hit the cap. PSbryan responded to some questions on 2+2 the other day saying that they have had to add caps to a number of mtts to deal with some system problems. these problems should be fixed by the next software update as well as their clock being fixed to be in line with atomic clocks.
  2. in for the 12s but we can we up the cap slightly? they take significantly less time than the 4.40s and also being higher variance a slightly larger sample will build a bit more skill into the challenge
  3. sounds easy enough, why stop there? there are mirrons out there to be won
  4. i bet buchman, saout, cada to win so things are looking good. i hope moon gets run over.
  5. Just saw a bunch of the most recent ME episodes, how many people actually listen to that douche Norman Chad as he made it sound like Begleiter was the big evil guy that must have been running Bear Stearns? Seriously it tilts the shit outta me that everytime he talked about Begleiter it was some stupid Wall Street vs common man joke. Please get some real commentators ESPN.
  6. Why the Bear Stearns hate? Personally he is my second choice behind Ivey to win this thing.
  7. I assume it was a 180 man 3r, not the 8:15 3r.gg though.
  8. how many hands has the guy who he quoted seen moon play to make the judgement he played well?
  9. agreed, oddmakers def knew everyone was going to pound ivey so this line is def skewed low.
  10. yeah i think we are screwed for refunds now that they have restarted everything
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