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  1. Wang,Got any thoughts floating about for MLB win total futures this year? Banner17
  2. I am a big believer that the cream rises to the top of the poker world. I don't claim to be good. Never have and probably never will. I work at it, but I'm honest with myself, that being said, to say that one plays 1-2 NL because he can't afford the swings of 2-5 NL just doesn't seem right to me. If this guy is skilled, he should just win his way to 2-5 NL and play there. If he can't do that, he isn't good enough to play there. Pretty simple. Not bashing you. Just saying it......it is what it is, no?
  3. If this is the case, and I believe it to be so, why would anyone play online unless they physically couldn't go to the cardroom?
  4. Villian is playing in late position. He can have popped it up small with a 67, 75, 64 type hand here as well. I wouldn't dismiss that from his range here. I mean, he went from 100 to 1,000 in 5 hours -- he had to have played some weird hands and hit them hard vs guys who will stack off with one pair.I like the idea of check-call flop even though most likely this is a great flop for us. Kind of a tough spot because if we lead out and he raises us good, we don't like our hand much. If we check raise and he 3 bets us, we don't like our hand much. Then, if we take the course of action that I
  5. Always punt when it's 4th and 2 from your own 28 with 2:08 to go up 6 pts!! I don't care what some computer program decides is mathematically more correct. Thoughts?
  6. Yea Pacquaio really nutted up last night. Showed a lot of toughness and heart to just stand there and pick apart Cotto. I thought Cotto may have a shot to beat him too if he worked his body and broke him down. Haha, Pacman just didn't let him. Oh well, I've lost worse bets than that at +250.I'm wicked excited for a Pacquaio vs Mayweather fight. Those two will probably take it over $100 million between the two of them for that fight. Sick!!
  7. Makes you wonder. Read Super System, and I feel like a main goal of the book was to sell the "honor amongst gamblers" theme. Why go on so much about how much integrity you have? If the bullshit alarm goes off, trust your gut.
  8. Didn't read anything but the title of the post.....Of course, you bet again. When in doubt bet or raise, become World Champion.
  9. Why can't we just chalk Ivey's Jacks hand up to a great play by Sauot??? He got the best player in the world to lay down a big pair for all his chips on the biggest stage in the world -- nice play, man! The final table was very disappointing for me as I wanted Ivey to win badly. I didn't bet on it or anything, just really wanted Ivey to win. I wonder if Ivey even made any money of this Main Event cash considering all the heavy side action he was trying to get down on himself. I mean, he cashed for like $1.9 million, and rumors were speculated that he was trying to get down over 6 million in
  10. Exactly. That was the point I was trying to make. I don't think you can let this opportunity slide. You can get HEALTHY fast, and you're most likely going busto anyway. I'd take a 20% chance to have a fighting shot at the tourney here. I didn't mean to be offensive with the "how could you let yourself get in this spot" comment. I'm new to forums and try to be as helpful with the limited poker knowledge I have. I understand things happen. Whenever I bust out of SNGs early it's always b/c crap hit the fan. I could be wicked low stacked trying to find a spot to get it all in and chip up.
  11. I would feel fairly confident that the 3 bettor felt like his raise would most likely result in a heads up match up him vs the original raiser who has stack size of 9.25. His raise was to 5.50 so it pretty much forces the original raiser to make a commitment to the hand preflop. That being said I feel like his range could be 99-AA, AK, AQ, and maybe KQs. I feel like we'd fair pretty well versus this range so I'd stick the 4th bet in there. The problem is we are out of position, but I feel as though we have to give the 3 bettor a chance to fold his hand here. Same token, I never play no li
  12. I'd call here. Your getting 3.5 to 1 on your money here. You need to find a spot to get some chips quickly and as you said you have no fold equity considering you got a stack of 1050 at 200/400 blinds. Nobody will fold to your shove getting 2 to 1 on a call considering your desperation mode. Call and hope to get healthy.The real problem is being at this stage in the tourney with this short a stack. Either you just came off a disaster pot, or your playing way too tight and not chopping away at pots to pick up chips along the way.
  13. Sounds like you have some very serious issues with steaming if you can lose two weeks worth of work in one night. I'm not a tournament guy very much, but my rule for cash games is to never lose more than I can make in the next session or easily make in two winning sessions. You'll never lose half your roll following this advice. Secondly, there is no such thing as a bad beat. The cards do not care who wins, so why should you? Just make the best decisions you're capable of, and play poker. If you have hard bankroll rules, and stick to them, you should make money if you play well. Poker is
  14. How atrocious would it be if Steve Beglieter won the WSOP Main Event?? He was a 24 year employee of Bear Stearns. If there is any justice in the world, he'll go broke to Phil Ivey on 2 consecutive hands and bust out 9th.
  15. Haven't seen it, but have always thought it was be nice if they would put a icon in the corner of the screen that showed where the button was, and who was in the blinds so you could tell what position these hands where being played from. Also, if we had an idea of stack sizes it'd be a plus. Could be easily done on a show like High Stakes Poker.
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