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  1. You are btn with J10dd. $220 effective stacks. V is tricky Asian UTG+3. He raises to 12. 2 callers. You call and bb calls. Flop is Q95 rainbow. Checks to you. You bet 25. V calls. Turn 9. Check check. River K. V bets 50. What do you think?
  2. He doesn't need the extra tv exposure? I find that hard to believe. It's not like he is a mainstream celebrity. The majority of ppl in this world don't know of him. Daniel isn't tiger woods. And added exposure means potentially more money in his pocket. There is no such thing as "extra" tv exposure if you want to make big money. Ask JRB. I bet if you asked a million ppl how they know JRB, the majority will say from survivor. More exposure means more popular to the mainstream means a bigger potential to profit.
  3. http://www.subjectpoker.com/2011/07/ivey-benyamine/This was interesting. Gives a little insight on how FTP worked.
  4. Funny you should ask. My two friends played a borgata sPring open event and saw rob Boyd and Brett Jungblutt. I used to play with rob at the taj when he would slum it at the 1/2 nl games. Good guy. Ran some sick bluffs on me.
  5. Surprisingly not. Nick frangos was supposed to be the house pro, but they wouldn't offer him rakeback. They wouldn't even give him unlimited comps. Pretty sick if you ask me.
  6. I'm interested in finding out if anybody else on here has been frequenting the new poker room? It's been running sincethe winter and I'm curious to see what fcp'ers thought. I PersOnally love it. It's so close to my house and the room is usually jumping. Lots of good action. It's in Bensalem pa for those that don't know. Also, I'll be there tonight if anybody else is going.
  7. Deposit $50. Play 100NL. Lose. Deposit $50. Play 100NL. Run it up to $300. Play 1000NL. Lose. Deposit $600. Play 1000NL. Lose. Deposit $600. Play 1000NL. Run it up to $5500. Play 5K heads up sng with Viktor Blom. Lose. Deposit $50. Play 100PLO8. Lose. Deposit $50. Play $20 sngs. Lose. Deposit $50. Play MTTs. Lose. Take the points you earn and get yourself a hoodie and a t shirt. Job well done. Now you will have learned bankroll management.
  8. Wow. Just wow. You just blew my mind. I deeply thank you. I started reading it and was picturing every session I play wondering why I break even. Remembering staring in disbelief at the computer screen after a 4 hour 10 tabling session wondering how I blew 20 buy ins. Looking back on my slow decline into tilted ineptitude. It was almost as if you have been watching me play for the last 2 years. Everything you wrote is exactly what happens to me and know you have opened my eyes and you have shown me what now seems so painfully obvious.
  9. I wouldnt say vital. Reviewing stats can help speed up the learning curve immensely. But I wouldnt say you need to. In fact, I doubt you will find many winning players doing it at all. What I was referring to was that you can become obsessed with your stats. That can be a very dangerous thing. It can mess with your emotions and lead to poor play.
  10. You are winning. Its a small sample but its pretty safe to say you can beat this level. Move up. Play at least 1000 sngs at the next level. If you find similar results then move up again. Only advice I can give you is not to get too into your data. It will mess with you. Just focus on playing your best game and everything will work out.
  11. Oh I def agree that there are situations that require straying. And its all feel as to when those situations occur. The flow of the game should help you dictate when to deviate. So basically, like in 99% of situations, there really isnt a definite answer. Thats why I love poker.
  12. Your post is in no way harsh. I see your point. It makes sense in theory. I would play this way everywhere but in a 2/4 game. The overly aggressive approach accomplishes many things. You are putting 2/4 players in an uncomfortable spot. They are used to a glorified home game. Nobody folds, nobody is cutthroat. Everybody has a good time. You can disrupt that and control the game for your benefit. Players will go with your flow or they will leave the game. Building big pots preflop lets you take control of the game by getting players out of their comfort zone. Also, while you are giv
  13. I would agree if this wasnt 2/4 where you will routinely see 8 players see a flop, 6 see a turn and 4 or 5 go to showdown. Why wouldnt you want to build bigger pots against players you know will make numerous mistakes? Ive played a lot of 2/4 live. I have found that playing a very aggressive pre flop strategy is very profitable. If Im playing a hand Im raising or reraising. You build monster pots when you hit. Also, if you flop draws or marginal hands you can control the hand as you have taken the lead and most players will just go with your flow. And if you miss completely you pass. I
  14. You should be raising preflop when entering hands in live 2/4 lhe. The players are so bad they cant fold and when you hit hands you will build huge pots. As played bet and raise flop. Bet and raise turn. If reraised on turn call down.
  15. Also, your avatar is how I imagine all the mindless dolts make their decisions when I play them. How else can you explain the plays they make?
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