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  1. Hello folks.Ok, so now I've played almost 1k of the 5$ SnG's on FT, and it's time to evaluate what the stats say, which is what I need some help with.What I wonder is first and foremost this:1) The ROI, is 5% really enough to move up, or should I play another 500 or so SnG, and only evaluate the last 1k of those?My idea here is that the first 300 tourneys or so skewed the overall stats quite a bit.2) The ITM stat, is my 37.4% normal for this level?3) The red graph tells me I should've won quite a bit less than I actually have, should I be worried?4) Are the swings depicted in the graph normal
  2. One thing you could do on your own that you don't need a personal trainer for, is to download the ICM trainer, and test yourself in different ICM spots.Knowing how to handle those are quite essential (IMO) to do well in SnG's, along with quite a few other things. p
  3. Good stuff Mr. Sparco.I feel enlightened, thanks! :-)
  4. Well, the conclusions (or answers) I was looking for were along the lines of:* Is the variance normal for the level in question?* Are the the ROI and ITM normal or too low to move up in level with confidence?* Is the sample too little? (Which was answered:Yes, it kind'a is.)* Are the distribution of payed placements (First, second and third) skewed in any way compared to other peoples graphs?Sorry for not being more clear about it, guess I'll blame my newbie-ness.Anyway, grateful for any answers.- Nathrax
  5. Hello folks, newbie reporting for knowledge! :-)First of all, being a newbie, I apologize in advance if this isn't the correct forum to post in. That being said, here's my dilemma:I've played quite a bit of 2+0.25$ at Full Tilt Poker, and think I have enough played to draw a few conclusions about my game.The problem is that it's not quite obvious which ones to draw.Attached to this post is a graph showing my first 700 or so SNG's at the 2+0.25$ level.Can any of you smart guys say anything useful about it, or do I need to get more data?Thanks in advanceNathrax
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