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  1. Well dead money, you obviously don't read very well, I was not complaining rather just inquiring. If you would have played this hand any differntly please let me know what I have done wrong so I can improve my play. My question was, is this normal and to be expected while playing online? If it is, then that requires my game to change to accomidate that varience. If you are just a bitter know nothing that needs a shower but can't becuase your mother locked the cellar door from the outside... then please, just sit in your own stink and type away.
  2. So as a light to moderate player on line with significant live play including dealing WSOP main event qualifiers I just need to ask... is it normal in online to be sucked out on badly rather than being out played as your normal outcome?As a latest example... (super turbo multi table tourney) I have KK as the first the act, raise to three times BB, CO calls and BB calls, flop comes x,8,J rainbow. BB Check I raise all-in, CO folds, BB (twice my stack) calls. I show KK, BB shows 8,9off Turn come 7, river 10 for the straight.So this is how I generally get beat on line. Very rarely out played,
  3. Calling just because it's a small buy-in tournment is bad play not matter what anyone says. Why would you train yourself to make bad plays?
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