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  1. Seriously, so insanely disappointing to have his fight with Ferguson canceled.
  2. The eye gouging really annoyed me this time around too. I can't believe how much eye gouging he got away with without being penalized. Mazzagatti definitely should have been taking points, so he screwed up bad too, but he was also clearly warning Palhares a bunch of times about the eye gouging and Palhares just went immediately back to doing it anyway every time. And I don't buy for a second that he "couldn't understand" due to the language barrier. I don't even like Jake Shields, but I felt bad for the dude having to put up with that. The scratches around his eyes made it pretty clear that Pa
  3. http://www.mmafighting.com/2015/8/4/9095949/wsof-strips-rousimar-palhares-of-title-suspends-him-indefinitely Palhares is so ****in' stupid.
  4. Gaethje vs. Palomino was sloppy as shit, but man was that a fun fight to watch.
  5. Seriously. And only made worse by the fact that Cruz looked like the most vicious bantamweight I've ever seen in his last fight.
  6. I read a different article a while back (unfortunately I can't recall source), but it was a comprehensive study trying to see how big an edge the guy who cut more weight compared to his competitor had come fight night. Even without me being able to re-read it, btw, I realize there are a large number of ways a study like this could be pretty badly flawed, so how seriously that "study" should be taken is probably up for debate as well. Anyway, the results found that the guys cutting more weight resulted in just a slight 52-48 edge on average. If that's even close to accurate, it really does show
  7. No doubt. He reminds me of Cain Velasquez in the sense that both have seemingly such absurd gastanks even compared to other fighters that have decent cardio themselves, but Edgar does it while pretty much staying healthy all the time (or at least healthy enough to not drop out of fights). And it's hard to not love an elite fighter who seems to relish the opportunity to face larger guy after larger guy (which he is still doing at featherweight, let alone when he was a lightweight) rather than engage in the absurd culture of extreme weightcutting that's standard these days.
  8. Agreed on Green, it's really weird to me to watch someone clearly losing a fight engaging in those antics. I don't care for macho antics regardless, but it just doesn't make sense when you're losing. He's getting his legs chopped to hell, taking frequent clean punches to the face and even got rocked by an awesome head kick and keeps going with the antics? Who exactly did he think he was fooling by doing the "shoulder brushing" routine? And man, yet another fight showing me why Frankie Edgar is my favorite. Just an absurd gastank, making Cub look completely helpless.
  9. Thanks, much appreciated. I do follow MMA reasonably closely so I'll chime into discussions now and then from here on out. And that is precisely why I like coming back to this thread on FCP.
  10. I remember an article from a while back where Jim Miller detailed how difficult and taxing his cut to 155 is, so yeah, dropping any more is probably unrealistic. Oh, I read this thread semi-regularly btw guys, just haven't bothered to say anything. This is basically the only forum thread I come to on FCP anymore.
  11. This show's gotten a lot funnier in the past five episodes or so.
  12. Finally saw "Waiting for Superman." Really good.
  13. The Florida storyline has been awesome. I didn't realize people were giving them bad reviews, I've found the last two weeks to be the funniest they've done in a long time.
  14. Also Catherine Tate was just awesome. I kind of wish she had been the one to become branch manager now.
  15. The cold open tonight was definitely one of the funniest they've ever done. Episode overall was pretty good.
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