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  1. And considering that Christianity is all about a bigger stick and a bigger carrot. Before this religion, Judaism, its precursor, did not believe in divine forgiveness or hell. It's amazing how successful a larger reward and bigger punishment can be. And that is the only reason these concepts were introduced. To gain larger control over the masses. And of course, it worked. At least the people back then can use lack of knowledge as an excuse. Today there really is no excuse.
  2. Story LinkNBC Cancels National Heads-Up Poker ChampionshipPokerNews has learned that the popular National Heads-Up Poker Championship on NBC will not be returning for an eighth season in 2012. Wicked Chops Poker first reported the news Thursday after getting confirmation from NBC Sports Senior Director of Communications Adam Freifeld.The National Heads-Up Poker Championship was an invitation-only event featuring 64 of the world’s top poker players and celebrities. It first aired in 2005 with Phil Hellmuth winning the inaugural event, and in the year's after, several notables followed him into
  3. I agree. My only real issue is how much talent there is in the over 30 group. They should keep all but 1 of that group and get rid of all but 1 group. But since that won't happen, and the over 30's are going to lose half, some of the most talented people on the show are going to go home before some much less talented people. But it is still refreshing to have to real judges on a music competition show.
  4. How can you find that impossible to believe? He doesn't understand much of anything.
  5. Criminal charges are definitely coming. And they should.
  6. This just reinforces why they shouldn't be your friends.
  7. Thanks so much. I didn't realize a new season of it was starting. This made my day.
  8. Wall Street Journal Story Link That is awesome. Paying out $7,500 in winnings and never collecting the initial deposit. The level of incompetence boggles the mind.
  9. Story LinkFull Tilt Poker 'Ponzi scheme' woes spread to IrelandFull Tilt Poker: This week, prosecutors in New York alleged that Full Tilt was not a legitimate company but a global Ponzi scheme that defrauded thousands of online players of hundreds of millions of dollars.By Reuters / September 22, 2011DUBLINCherrywood Business Park, on the outskirts of Dublin, is no Las Vegas.But here, amidst the neat concrete-and-glass office buildings, the Subway fast-food outlet and the Spar convenience store, a multi-lingual team of 550 people helped run one of the world's largest onlinepoker sites, Full Ti
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