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  1. I'm still pretty insecure in this job not having a clue what winter will be like and they have this archaic system, (actually plenty of them) that if you fall below par for 3 consecutive months you are fired. I mean, that's basically falling below our offices average close rate. And so many of these appt's are just ****ed up wanting repairs, no shows, etc... With that said I've averaged about $8k the first two months and been in the top 5 both months so I'm feeling pretty confident. I have pretty much let the wife and me blow it all so far. We got new furniture, I bought a car, dropped a shitload on vacation shopping for fun stuff like art and pottery, and bought some frivolous landscaping wants like trees and plants and dragons. I am just pointing out how far away we are from points on the spectrum. Had I always acted with your thrift I could be retired right now. Then again, there's a certain urgency to my method. I always think it's just money and I can go make some more, there is plenty of it out there. And I never have a cap on my income, if I want more I can always earn it which is a benefit of sales. Yeah, I should have more saved for the retirement years but I'm probably in better shape than most. You only live once, have a little fun. Go with NAPA and rock out in the ATL.
  2. Thinking more on this, yeah, it would be hard to turn Jennifer Anniston down if she was trying to molest me, but lucky (or not), I don't really have that problem, nor look for it. I grew up in a bar. I was "clubbing" at 16. At 18 I regularly banged older chicks (along with young). I was pretty much a whore. After a brief flint with marriage at 20 I was single for another decade. During that time I still hung in bars on the weekends always looking for booty. I would hit different bars and areas. I always went alone regardless; you can't pick a girl up with another guy along and him not get in the way. I worked my craft, my lines, my eye contact, my lingo... I was home after clubbing once, got a little too drunk and was in bed having sex when another chick came walking in I forgot I invited over. After awkward moment, I was doing it doggie, she left. Then a few minutes later another girl came that I forgot about. Wash.rinse.repeat. After my divorce it wasn't uncommon for me to be seen bringing home different girls on the same day. In my thirties, after a 2nd brief failed marriage, I still had regular ass and girlfriends and hit bars a lot. I found a lot of kinkie chicks that were into about anything. One used to pick up chicks and bring them home to share. Hell, my ex did that as well. I don't want this too seem like some obsession. I worked a ton and had a kid from each marriage to raise. Time was valuable and I don't golf. Some of it was for fun though I mostly fooled myself that I was looking for a real connection- I wasn't. Girls invariably wanted to be first over my kids and that wasn't happening, Most relationships were a couple months. 6 was really long. 99% ended amiably. With the kids grown and stable this is the first and best relationship I've ever been in and would never **** it up. We have many common interests and values and a nice life. You never stop checking out hot women, it's biological, but actually seeking sex out from outside my marriage would just never happen. It's like doing LSD, it was fun and exciting and cool and all, but I've been there and done that. To ouch drama and problems that go along with it. I'm not dissing anyone, especially single guys that do chase ass. Hell, I just don't think they work hard enough at it. I think they lack commitment to the effort. Maybe it's the salesman in me. I'm a closer. To this day I think I could have a sex with a new chick by this evening if I wanted too. I just don't. It's last on my list of priorities. And I can sex well, any week I want it.
  3. Working in car dealerships for 28 years there were always the guys that loved to talk endlessly about sex and the opposite full of guilt induced privacy. One guy I have known for years was pretty much addicted to the subject and I often told him he needed to broaden his horizons. As a guy that probably got more ass than the lot if you combined I'm always torn discussing this subject. Probably my own Catholic guilt and using my real name pretty much prevented it. I am not objecting to the talk, nor do I find it terribly interesting or funny (except the flip hole stuff). For the record I am on the bigger side and a girl one gasped and called it "perfect". I guess it's true that the older you get you never stop thinking about it, but sex would lower on my list of priorities these days. Too many hot chicks just came with too much baggage and drama and problems. So I'm kind of mix on the subject between Mex and Speedz Jewish grandma encouraging you to find a "nice girl". Probably one that gives a hell of a blowjob though.
  4. Yeah, lol at the guys discussing something they obviously know nothing about. My wife won't let me near the laundry. They should stick to their own expertise, flip-holes!
  5. You're going to Atlanta to see a concert by yourself? And I get that I have never heard of them, but what the hell? Please tell me there are plans for snorting coke off a hooker's ass while you're there.
  6. Well, umm yes. Did you ever talk to old people? I mean and the fact we really can't work computers, that too.
  7. Handcuffs? The 4 year old grandson came up on Father's Day and has a typical non-stop motor set in play at a high gear. I had gotten him about 10 of those little balsa wood planes that kept him and most of the guys busy throughout the day. Worked better than a video game. Put a hula hoop in the backyard and had them aim from the top deck. I'll save the Estes rockets for another day. Can't believe you inconsiderate bastards didn't ask why the doctor told me to stop masturbating.... ....said it was distracting him. Badaboom!
  8. Why don't you guys just get TV's?
  9. What clip? Good day yesterday. Kids and grand kids came up for the day. Went for 15 mile bike ride with my son and my ass is sore as hell this morning. Debating driving 1 1/2 hours to go in for optional training this morning. Not even in the mood. Ugh Edit- yeah **** that.
  10. We'll on the iPhone topic, mine logs me out of everything. I have to sign in here, FB, etc. nearly every time. On the masturbation topic my doctor recently told me I had to stop.
  11. Poker room a block away and I had no time to go there. Really pisses me off,
  12. Well I can't get caught up on the iPhone as it won't skip to the current post so I'll just post, I've been in WV all week taking in the velvet art and ridiculous roads, it did dawn on me that SA could really get the self esteem boost he needs by moving here. He'd be a stud, smartest in the city, underweight, and a hot foreigner. The girls at Biscuit World would be all over him. And he could visit Shake on the weekends. Aside from the ridiculous roads it's a virtual paradise.
  13. I think it's a little more than dickish to torture and maim and kill people you disagree with. Actually that's one of the basics of moral behavior. In fairness, the guy was probably a paranoid Schitz with power and back then people assumed it was something else. It's like making a cult leader the ruler of your town with unabated power. Never a good idea. The most endearing thing about women to me is self-sufficiency and the ability to be happy with themselves. Throw in the added keen sense of humor and you have the whole package. If I was 30 years younger, taller and hotter and wealthy and smarter I'd totally hit you you.
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