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  1. here is my 2 cents:you're a douche for 4 reasons: 1. Because I said so 2.fck you 3. fck your mother and 4. nobody wants to hear your motherfcking opinion so shut your fat fkcing mouthTbh go fck urself ccksucker.All the haters who want fckin piece ill be @ the 1/2c tables workin it out doin the damn thingIM OUT BUT FOR THE RECORD-look back at this thread, all i did was propose an idea and i got nothing but straight bashing and negativity from the get-go. Just a "WONT WORK" rather than any form of constructive criticizm. ANYONE HERE would react the same to so much UNDESERVED negativity. Those wh
  2. Yeah, ive heard its nuts on fat tues, this is my 1st semester there so ill have to check it out then.
  3. been there a few times its not bad
  4. Oh arent you just the little detective. the SAME thread????? This is the application of compound interest to bankroll management, combined with a short stacked strategy. In the post you "found" I was simply 'grinding'.you may not realize it but there is a BIG difference between the two.
  5. His application of short stacking was specific to my situation as the best approach, not his general philosophy on poker.and "scum"??? youre gonna say that about someone when you dont know a person and you're apparently ingnorant to the context in which he said what he did???
  6. Alittle food for thought to the NAYSAYERS-E-MAILED a local Pro who hosts a Poker School about the idea and he responded:This style of playing cash games has been tested and proven to be effective. It's short stack play. First let me tell you that this strategy is easy to use, and easy to master. It requires very minimal skill to play, and is a great way for beginners to start out playing. Your variance will be minimal using this strategy, as the risk/reward ratios are very little. It teaches you to value position, aswell as using bankroll management skills. I'll tell you what you need to do at
  7. I used "deposit" as an arbitrary term meaning allocate $5 specifically for this, but i gotta say thats a good question lol.
  8. That was the # my prof. used in one of his examples so i just took it.
  9. all good points but in the long run playing tight with this strategy will be profitable
  10. its all about pacing yourself and taking it 1 session at a time.U of Akron btw
  11. In school i have to take an economics course and we just learned about compound interest & investments, etc.I got an idea that maybe the concept of compound interest would be an interesting base for building a bankroll.So here's the idea... 1. deposit $5 into my Pstars account. 2. The game would be NLHE ring games, starting @ 1/2c3. Now what I'll do is play to increase my bankroll by just 18% per day (or per session) for one month. Here's how the numbers would work out after one month of increasing my $5.00 bankroll by 18% per day:
  12. If you wanna stake there's #210666890 on stars that i'll play.Fresh811 on Pstars
  13. I used to play tight aggressive, only playing Hellmuth's 10 Hands (AA-KK-AKs-QQ-JJ-TT-A-Qs-99-88) and raising big preflop, making alot of cont. bets and it was pretty profitable in cash games. But now i like to play the smallbal strategy, I play almost any 2 suited cards and just try to see a flop for as cheap as possible. This works out well in both tourney and cash games in my experiences, but as previously stated once you get into the later stages of tournies, many if not most small stacks are shoving pre-flop with hands like K-10 or Q-J so i usually tighten up once you see those short sta
  14. I know exactly how you feel, I took 3 weeks and ran my roll from $20 to $135 and then blew $120 in 3 days. Started back up again and in a month i'm up to $130 from the $20 i got down to. Just gotta be smart with the roll and learn from your mistakes.
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