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  1. I have no idea what I picked and can't find myself on the leaderboard.
  2. Its gonna end up being like 6500+.. and in a year where before the WSOP started after Black Friday when everyone said there would be a downturn in players at the WSOP besides this guy..
  3. It was still one of the worst moves ever to vote out Russell. And how Andrea doesn't see that coming blows my mind. Rooting for Phillip to win for sure.. been on that train besides Andrea's all game long, amazing
  4. Even if I were 21, there isn't a damn good place to play in Wisconsin.
  5. Playing pokemon, my squirtle just evolved
  6. Yeah, I understand. But there are infintely more online grinders out there that are now out of a job. Maybe not so much for the ME, but as for $1000 and $1500 events I could see the players pool breaking records.
  7. Agreed.. Rob dominated All-Stars like Russell dominated Samoa. The two best Survivor performances ever. If Rob makes it to the end here, its tough to call it the best (mainly because of how utterly bad the Zapatera tribe is) but he has completely run the game so far. I'm still cheering Andrea on (obv), but Rob has been amazing this season.
  8. Wouldn't you expect more, considering all that is available to USA players is playing live? Honestly I see the turnout being even bigger this year.
  9. At least I got my latest "I knocked out a pro" shirt in. That's my sick brag
  10. I agree that something needed to be done either way, but yeah, the GOP in Wisconsin is handling it terribly. If Prosser gets re-elected to the supreme court over the new Kloppenburg there's going to be serious problems.
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