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  1. Honest to God, that's your fastball? To answer what dems did to piss off unions is to "freeze wages" for 2 years? Wow, private sector vs public union worker just got explained to me in that statement considering the economy lately
  2. How are they "Standing Up"? Why aren't they on the airwaves supporting the protesters? I don't get it, forgive me for being naive, but let us know why Dems aren't all over this supporting the protesters...
  3. They are not being shy about it this time, some of these comments on cnn's response section crack me up -- and yes, I know right-wing crackpots are capable of saying stupid stuff too skaarcat This protest isn't about the money. It is about lies and about taking away the unions right to bargain...especially bargain about working conditions. The governor is lying about the crisis. It is a manufacturered crisis to bust the unions. When governor Walker came into office the budget was fine. H... more This protest isn't about the money. It is about lies and about taking away the unions right to barg
  4. http://edition.cnn.com/2011/US/02/17/wisco....budget/?hpt=T2
  5. There was in 1998, I was arrested at gunpoint for it, good times.
  6. Oh man that's vintage -- Jimmy Key. I still use that commercial -- "he just came out too soon..." Probably my favorite ESPN commercial ever
  7. I'm on Thiago at +180 (I think this line should be closer to pick 'em)I bet Trigg + 115 a while ago, as much an anti-Serra bet as anythingHuge Maia fan here, but no way I can lay that big price on himColeman-Couture -- yuck, gonna skip itAnyone know what happened to Performify's column? He used to do a great job of breaking down the fights with the money lines, haven't seen him in months...** edit -- Performify is up now at mmajunkie.com Friday night** another guy to compare opinions to is Wombat @fcfighter.com, his is up now too
  8. ahhh yes I miss the Neg-O, I remember the days of 100+ fields. I won my first ever mtt in the Neg-O, 103 players if I remember right. Haven't played in a year -- things that turned me off -- the addition of HORSE on Wednesdays, and small fields. I played some when it was HORSE on Tuesdays & NLHE on Wednesdays and will admit I suck at HORSE but liked that format and played anyway, but am open to playing again I like $11, 8pmcst start Wednesdays, might play again, will stay tuned to this thread -- would like bigger and better prize structure if possible, chip set won would like some ot
  9. anybody got any angles on the Cotto/Paq fight? I love betting mma & don't follow boxing as much anymore, thinking about betting Cotto at 2.4-1 -- opinions?I know he's naturally a bigger fighter, but that hasn't seemed to slow down Paq yet
  10. I'll take 3H -- money transferred from 'olnumber7Good luck everyone
  11. !#!!~@!#~!#~!#!!! no betThanks for the offer GM, I haven't been online since my last post (long boring weekend with relatives) -- maybe in the future we can do more of this type of stuff with the regulars on here and save $$ on juice -- til next time...
  12. entitled to your opinion -- have you seen the weigh-in pics? Diaz towers over Frank. I don't see what major advantage Frank has at his age -- catch-weight is 179 btw. Frank of 10 years ago sure, but I'll take the +155 on Diaz instead of -185 on Frank -- just for fun, want to split the juice (170 each way)? I'm a small timer these days, talking $20 or so... just putting in my $.02 GM
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