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  1. I have no idea what I picked and can't find myself on the leaderboard.
  2. Its gonna end up being like 6500+.. and in a year where before the WSOP started after Black Friday when everyone said there would be a downturn in players at the WSOP besides this guy..
  3. It was still one of the worst moves ever to vote out Russell. And how Andrea doesn't see that coming blows my mind. Rooting for Phillip to win for sure.. been on that train besides Andrea's all game long, amazing
  4. Even if I were 21, there isn't a damn good place to play in Wisconsin.
  5. Playing pokemon, my squirtle just evolved
  6. Yeah, I understand. But there are infintely more online grinders out there that are now out of a job. Maybe not so much for the ME, but as for $1000 and $1500 events I could see the players pool breaking records.
  7. Agreed.. Rob dominated All-Stars like Russell dominated Samoa. The two best Survivor performances ever. If Rob makes it to the end here, its tough to call it the best (mainly because of how utterly bad the Zapatera tribe is) but he has completely run the game so far. I'm still cheering Andrea on (obv), but Rob has been amazing this season.
  8. Wouldn't you expect more, considering all that is available to USA players is playing live? Honestly I see the turnout being even bigger this year.
  9. At least I got my latest "I knocked out a pro" shirt in. That's my sick brag
  10. I agree that something needed to be done either way, but yeah, the GOP in Wisconsin is handling it terribly. If Prosser gets re-elected to the supreme court over the new Kloppenburg there's going to be serious problems.
  11. I just watched the first two episodes of this show and it is nothing short of awesome. Taco is like Kelso from That 70's Show and when he started singing that song in the first episode for the girl's birthday I could not stop laughing.
  12. I live in the middle of Wisconsin, and I've tried to stay out of the way of most of the arguments and chatter. (I'm a neutral-liberal) Lately though, Republicans blow my mind in this state. Most of them that I have talked to are completely nonsensical, and it has led from a friendly chat to fiery arguments. The unwillingness to compromise is what will absolutely tear the GOP apart in this state and riffle over into the rest of the nation. Also, no surprises at all to see Scott Walker get recalled when it is possible. There are bumper stickers and signs everywhere for it. The people in these pa
  13. They didn't know the merge was coming yet, and I would have thought it would be at 10, but then again, I forgot they do the 9 jurors and 3 left at the end nowadays, so 12 is perfect for them. They were obviously thinking of winning another challenge.Have to assume Matt will win that challenge because Sarita has no sense of anything. She's seriously one of the dumbest people to play this game. She said some really dumb stuff tonight, the most prominent being, "I can do anything that David can do." LOL @ thatIt is hard to tell what will happen when merging, especially with 12 people on one tribe
  14. Still a great game. Campaign is awfully short but the story has a LOT of substance to it. Multiplayer is also quite different from your typical Call of Duty.
  15. The entire tribe of Zapatera minus Ralph isn't worth watching. They're all a bunch of retards. Stephanie's a pussy, Krista talks and nothing smart comes out of her mouth. Everyone besides them is still boring as hell.Also LOL at Krista's pairs speech. That made NO sense whatsoever.
  16. In the first action scene in Homefront, I rolled out of a bus and ran through a White Castle. No matter what happens, I can't rate this game lower than a 8/10 now.
  17. Finally watched Crash yesterday. That is a sick movie. I've never felt so emotional towards a movie as I have when I watched that.
  18. Thank you everyone.. may I continue to run hot in the futures
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