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  1. I definantly would have posted the money if I knew about that. That's a great bet for me. I posted in the wrong thread, and I apologize to Daniel. And I wasn't trying to punk him out by making this post.
  2. The 100$ isnt anything. I just saw my post and saw I posted it under JamFly's thread. I thought I responded in Daniel's bracelet bet thread. Kill me now please. Sorry Daniel, my apologies, I thought I responded under your original thread.
  3. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p;#entry1924503
  4. No they cant. Nevada gaming law states that ANY player who has the minimum buy in cannot be told they cant play. If you have the money, you can sit, and they must let you play.
  5. I still want action. I'll put up 5 to your 1 sir.
  6. Daniel, I love you to death.....but thats too good of a bet to pass up. I'll lay 500$ you won't win a WSOP bracelet this year. If you do win though, I promise I will be happy for you!
  7. I've witnessed Benyamines craps play 3 times now.5k on the pass line, 20k in odds...bets every number for 5k and 6k for the 6 and 8.Seen him 3 times now and each time I saw him he lost over half a million. Sick ****.
  8. I'd be happy getting 5$ a hand every hand. Just because the pot is 100k doesnt mean we "deserve" more. They dont have to give us anything, same as any other poker player. Most of them are assholes and dont tip anyways....the only reason they are is because its on tv. **Cough**Johnny Chan, Jamie Gold, Farha, Elezra**Cough**. The only thing thats hard sometimes is pushing a 100k dollar pot and getting stiffed then seeing them tip the waitress 100$. But its the same anywhere, just because the game is higher doesnt mean we deserve to get more. And speaking of Benyamine....hes a huge tipper...seen
  9. If it is check check on river then person closest to the button shows first.
  10. Austrailians and most europeans always make me wonder. They stiff every dealer in the house....yet give 5$ to the cocktail waitress for every damn drink they get.
  11. Don't do it. They are pooling all tokes once again, so you will get ****ed. Harrahs is a greedy, shady corporation.
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