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  1. This was in a 69+6 tourney on Tilt today... Board got real weird, real fast... looking for some feedback if I played it well or if I should have been more aggressive/passive. My s/n is in bold... - - -Full Tilt Poker Game #2217792031: $12,500 Guarantee (16292688), Table 19 - 30/60 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:48:56 ET - 2007/04/15Seat 1: pokeroutlaw (2,390)Seat 2: HighRising (6,830)Seat 3: SoDak30 (1,265)Seat 4: TouchDownCharli (902)Seat 5: poorbarman (3,035)Seat 6: pokerkurt (1,850)Seat 7: dando1 (6,160)Seat 8: mskdome (900)Seat 9: ucanthateme (2,524)HighRising posts the small blind of 30SoDak30
  2. For like Omaha Hi/Lo the low cards have to be below 8. Three cards below 8, 2 in your pocket, for a Lo hand to be created. Otherwise the pot goes all to the hi hand. EX: BOARD: AK4-J-5 Hi and Lo pot because there's 3 cards on the board from A-8. A great hand to have would be XX-3-2 for your cards because you'd have what they refer to a lot in Hi/Lo games as a the "Bottom Wheel" A-2-3-4-5 for a Lo and a Hi hand. Obviously someone could have Q-10 for a better Hi hand, things you gotta watch out for.The E stands for "Eight or Better", another name for Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo.
  3. I starting reading Daniel's page when it was basically just a blog before FCP the program ever existed and actually was the one that showed it to a few of the regular posters here. I joined the forums when he first made them just for the heck of it, I've never really been much of a forums poster. I came to the site as a "Negreanu fan" and wanted to read about his daily poker play but when his journal became more about his personal life and adventures outside of the game I kinda stopped checking as frequently. [sorry Dan, still love ya ] But now that RGP is complete garbage and I'm starting
  4. I've played on sportsbook and as much as I hate to say it [because it may increase more good players showing up ] the play on the site is really poor compared to anything I've seen in awhile.. Like someone else said, I'm sure there's a lot of "gamblers" trying their hands at poker there, some with some nice bank rolls ;)The server actually crashed my computer when I tried to play, using XP, and then I tried it on my old Windows 98 computer and the graphics don't even really come in clear and it gets all messed up. So take that for what you will.
  5. As a "former server" you should know then that servers/bartenders are taxed on the actual sale they are making whereas a "dealer" is not making a sale. Sure, you might have to claim your tips but at the end of the day you still get a paycheck. Most of the bartenders/servers that work never see a paycheck as they come back as "non-negotiable". In theory, if you tip a server less then 8% they are actually taking money out of their pocket to wait on you whereas if you don't tip a dealer they are still getting their minimum wage or whatever the going rate is. The only reason you should get ups
  6. That was more a limbo reference but nevertheless.. I'm really curious about this subject. I apologize if it's been discussed before but with the WSOP around the corner and really just wanting to know more about it...How much do you tip?Not so much in low cash games, I've heard the $1 per every $100 in pot comments before but what about in big tournament poker. For instance.. Jamie Gold walks away with 12 mill last year, how much is he REALLY expected to tip out? Anyone know how much he actually did?And what about high stakes poker... Not sure what the average pot is.. lets say 50k... Is 500
  7. For the record it was me that played the hand horribly, something I openly admitted to Naismith (who has never beaten me heads up!). I was trying to get TOO creative and the table had been playing pretty tight. The reason for the small bets post flop and slow play was because I already realized I played it so bad that I wanted to cut the losses to a minimum, especially with an ugly flop like that. The "villain" had been making huge bets on the flop... pot sized and more.. so I was hoping that it would end up heads up with him forcing the flop action and me pushing back with the monster hand
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