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  1. Looks like fun to watch! You guys can't play that slow or it will drive me nuts!
  2. Does anyone know how Daniel did in the heads up tourney so far?
  3. That's whats great! Daniel has always responded to anything I have asked proving he is not the stuck up *** some people are.
  4. Daniel one of the small games I play in with some less fortunate players I need some strategy on if you would. Most guys buy in for about $20 and they play .50/$1.00 blinds no anties. Its a mixture of lose and tight players with the majority being tight. It doesn't seem to be worthwhile to raise alot and drag anties as theres not much in the pot. Would you limp in and see alot of flops or what would you suggest? Thanks for your insight.
  5. Daniel vs Sean Sheikhan So I can see shieky cry like the baby he is!
  6. Daniel LIVES a vacation for life! Thats why we enjoy this so much. Most of us take one or two vacations a year but with the video blog we get to enjoy his vacation year round.
  7. For two weeks I watched and knew everything you did day and night! Now I'm lost! No golf updates! No poker updates! No drunk(fake) updates! How am to enjoy your stories if I ain't gettin' them?
  8. Could I apply for the job of Daniel's golf buddy? I have a 3 handicap and would make a nice partner.
  9. HURRAY!!! I take it by the ad for the producer we shall be getting new video blogs before long! Awesome news! Thanks DN
  10. OK Next video blog we send Muchu over next door to kick drunk blog dog's arse!
  11. There could be a down side to the video blog. It gives you such a personal feeling like you are just two friends having a chat. If I ran into Daniel somewhere it would be hard not to just walk up and start BSing with him like he's your best friend. All of us would love this but I doubt he would.
  12. I agree fully with burgerman's way to cut strokes. Hardly ever does even a tour player hit 18 greens in regulation and for a common player it's way under 50% average so the best way to cut strokes is by getting up and down as much as possible.
  13. I agree and like I said below we need cameos by the Crazy neighbor and the drunk blog dog etc.
  14. We also need a cameo by the following people:The crazy neighborThe Drunk blog dogEveryone at the golf course after they lose money to DNThe wife
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