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  1. I know it's not a popular game anymore, that's not the point. The point is that the WSOP is the world championship of poker, and virtually every single type of poker is (and should be) represented. The only type of poker that isn't represented is 5 card draw. I'm not calling for games to be elminated, I'm calling for a perfectly legitimate form of poker to be added. There are plenty of not-so-popular games in the WSOP. The NL 2-7 single draw event gets less than 100 players. When's the last time you saw that game spread? I don't even think they play it online (I haven't researched this
  2. Badugi!! Are you.. a;dlkjgj;a!! what!! #*@#$%!!!! Did I just read they're making Badugi a bracelet event?? You cannot be serious. Badugi is in and 5 draw is not? What's next, give the Roshambo winner a bracelet? Make the main event 10K blind-man's bluff?I demand that the madness be stopped!! Throw this dog a bone, Daniel. Even if it's just me, you, and Crazy Mike Caro for the bracelet, we should have the chance to fight it out. We'll sit in the hallway of the Rio and play 5 draw until they sanction us. You're mine Caro, mine!! Bah... somebody get me a cocktail!!
  3. Hi Daniel,I know you're on the WSOP players committee and I know you usually read this forum. I know you're also dedicated to making the the WSOP the best it can possibly be.So here's my request/suggestion/question, whatever you want to call it:Why is there no Pot Limit 5 card draw tournament at the WSOP? Every single other type of poker known to man is pretty much represented. Even obscure games like 2-7 single draw, and triple draw are there. I know 5 Draw has kind of gone out of fashion, but it's a great game when it's played pot limit (preferrably 5 handed, but 6 is ok) and I'm sure th
  4. Hey Daniel,I've been trying to convince my friends to adopt a head to head format for our hockey pool. I was just wondering if you could tell me how you guys work it. Do you go head to head against 1 person per week, or is it at a different interval? How long is a "fantasy game" is what I'm asking I guess.We've had a sick football pool going for years that is totally intense and in-depth, and I want to try to capture that for our hockey pool. It sounds like you already have that going with your pool, so if you don't mind me stealing ideas from your league, any info would be sweet.Thanks, l
  5. I'm coming down from Vancouver as well. I'll be there the 3rd-18th.
  6. Everyone trashes Hellmuth's book, but it's the best one out there for a pure beginner. No other book stresses the importance of folding as much it. I'd recommend it as your first book since it teaches you a style that is very effective in the low stakes games and will let you atleast break even or win a little as you learn. You won't become the next great player just by reading Hellmuth, but you'll be a solid and disciplined beginner in a very short period of time. He lays out a strategy for all the games that will win at the low limits. If you have a little natural poker skill and you do
  7. I still don't see how it makes any difference in a tournament. Every skill and every decision an opponent uses to beat another opponent affects the tournament as a whole. Everything that happens affects everyone else. Why should this particular skill be banned? If an opponent uses his mathematical abilities to win a hand it's ok, if he uses his "reading abilities" ("lol, reading abilities" Shawn Sheikawn) it's ok, if he uses any other means to win the hand it's ok, so if he reveals a card or talks about his hand as a psychological ploy why is that not ok? Exposing a card or talking about
  8. Sort of an offshoot of the same topic, but Matt Savage also brought up Jamie Gold and his talking during hands at the Series last year. What Gold was doing is considered illegal as well, but I don't really understand that either. Why can't you talk about your hand? Why can't you say exactly what you have or don't have? It's up to your opponent to believe you or not, so how he/she uses (or doesn't use) what you say is up to him/her. Again, it just adds another element of "phsychological warfare" to the game. Look how effective it was for Gold last year.The two arguments Matt Savage makes
  9. Just wanted to let you know how much I (and probably everyone) enjoyed last years video blogs during the Series. I really hope you'll be able to do it again. I'm looking forward to it. lind0
  10. Come on Daniel, I am the best 5 draw tournament player on the planet right now. I want to prove it!!
  11. Stop laughing, I'm serious. Why is this game dead? I love it. I want a bracelet in it.
  12. This may seem like a fun and great idea now, but once the losers in your game start to realize they are losers and start to think about the amount of money they're donating to you, you might see it differently. Most people who lose at poker think they're actually breaking even or maybe winning a little. I don't think I've ever met anyone who admits they're a big loser. Once you start keeping track for everyone, they no longer have the option of living that fantasy and they may quit playing altogether. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but it's something to think about. I've seen game
  13. I would recommend a bankroll of atleast 50 buy-ins for tournaments to give yourself a fairly low probability of going broke. 100 buy-ins would be even better and would give you a very low chance of losing all your money. 200 buy-ins would give a good player virtually zero chance of busting.
  14. To be brutally honest, if you can't win with $50, then you probably can't win with any amount. I'm not saying you aren't capable of it, but maybe you need to improve your game to become a winning player. If you're playing better poker than your opponents, you will win money over time. It's that simple. If you excersise proper bankroll management while playing better poker than your opponents over time, you will not go broke. There are low enough stakes on the internet to accomodate a $50 bankroll, so either you are not playing well enough to win money, or you aren't managing your money pr
  15. Ditto on the Sahara. Good structure for a cheap tourney, not to mention they sometimes have free sandwiches.
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