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  1. That's a weird bet by the SB isn't it? Against 2 stacks that way cover him and with his stack size doesn't he just pot it with the overfull? What does a bet of 2/3 do to his range?
  2. For a while I thought this was the best place on the internet to talk strategy. Even if it isn't any longer I see no reason why it can't be made to be that way again. I miss it around here.
  3. Just easing back in to online. Won about $1500 playing live in Dec and made a small profit online.In January going to try to grind it out in tournaments and make some money. Also I've FT'd a fair share of tournaments the last couple months, and I'd like to break through and get a win.Also try to post more in the strat forums.
  4. Hello.I haven't played a hand of poker in 2 months. I miss poker. And FCP.I'm going to start playing again.
  5. Wow. File that under things to not tell other people. Ugh never mind I'm a dork for knowing who that is.Here, people, should I jam the pot here?Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $0.05/$0.105 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: $8.85CO: $15.35Hero: $8.95SB: $9.30BB: $5.75Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is Button with K T 2 folds, Hero calls, SB calls, BB checks.Flop: 5 9 8 ($0.3, 3 players)SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $0.4, SB folds, BB calls.Turn: 7 ($1.1, 2 players)BB checks, Hero bets $1, BB raises to $2, Hero ???
  6. You should convert hands and post in the tournament forum.
  7. Ooh, fun, a tipping thread. Where's the one where the guy claimed players on HSP tipped $1K/hand and it degenerated into 20 boring pages of back and forth?I don't know why this hits such a raw nerve with people. It only money guys, you can't take it with you.
  8. Achieved Goal 1. Goal 2 is a no go. I played 193 hands of poker in June at $10NL and lost $5.35. I just haven't had much desire to play/post since I got back from Vegas. July:I'll keep it simple. 5K hands at a profit this month and I'll be happy.
  9. So I was adamant the other day that all you really need to do to kill this game was play solid ABC poker and let the money flow to you... and then I got crazy and landed myself in the following situation:HERO has $800 in CO with 86o. UTG+1 calls, folds to Hero who raises to $40 (you know... because... I literally hadn't opened a pot in an hour, I think I was bored and playing off a tight image. Still, the one guy who really worried me had recently left the table, and I felt like I could outplay most of the people left after the flop.)UTG+1 (covers) calls. SB (covers) calls. BB (covers) call
  10. Anyone going to be there next week? I came back East from Vegas and instead of rushing back I think I might hang out in AC for a few days.
  11. Blackjack is sooo rigged. At least I demolished the all time hi score on Ms Pacman.
  12. Thanks guys. Finished 111th for $4484. Not bad for my first event. Plus I had to get knocked out today so I could make the FCP get together tomorrow.
  13. Ha - I saw him playing deep in another event yesterday and I thought about asking him if he wanted to grab some Vino's Pizza the next time I'm in 19444.Good luck to any FCP'ers still in this event and others.
  14. Anyone else still in? There's 161 people left and I've got 38K.
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