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  1. So I hear theres a video of this Rain guy playing 40 tables at once? Anyone got a link? Thanks
  2. So, I said I would bet $750 to win $150 in the bracelet topic after Daniel said the bet was still open to anyone, but since he never responded personally does it still count? I assumed any bets made in that topic would be official.
  3. this is the best pdf viewer imo:http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/works fine on my computer
  4. so this is the last bracelet event, huh? even though i took the bet against you daniel, im still rooting for you to make it deep. gl guys.
  5. no read on the SB? he probably should have pushed you all in preflop if he had a good hand although he might be trapping. if i had no info on him, I would check and see what develops.
  6. how will daniel keep from getting ripped off if he wins a bracelet? you want my info so you can find me if i dont pay up?
  7. im willing to put up 750 to win 150. how will this work though?
  8. I was looking to pick up some poker books. You guys have any recommendations? Mainly tournament NLH please. Anyone read this one yet?The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guidehttp://www.hachettebookgroupusa.com/books/...cerpt24885.html
  9. how much will you sell for? 97 on the dollar?
  10. anyone got any recommendations for the site with the best exchange rate? im looking to buy T$. thanks!
  11. Are there any programs out there where you can input your hand histories and look back a review how you played certain hands like JJ or AK? If anyone knows please tell me, thanks.(Like organizes hands to sort out all the times you had AK)
  12. oh, sorry. i should look around a bit and read the rules before i post.
  13. Hey guys, I'm new around here. I was looking through some posts and was wondering what "BBFIDTS" means. Any other common acronyms I should know about? haha..
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